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13 Fall Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

Fall Trends

Fall is a time for taking stock of what’s happened in the past several months and planning for the year ahead. It often provides a brief rest between summer’s busy activities and the upcoming holiday rush. The season causes shifts in interior decorating, entertaining styles and outdoor activities. We’ve sifted through the hottest trends and brought you our favorites.

Home Décor Trends

When the weather gets cool and you know you’re about to spend months indoors, update your home with designs fresh for fall.

  • Fall home decorMatte appliances. Shiny stainless steel has been popular for almost a decade. New appliances feature a matte finish in a gorgeous variety of colors. Try slate appliances or matte black stainless steel. If you want more color, choose smudge proof-hues with names like cinnamon, wasabi, kettle black and Dijon.
  • Dark green. When the leaves turn yellow and gold and then fade to brown, make indoors feel like a secret forest by adding dark green to walls and accent pieces. Pair the color with leather and natural wood surfaces.
  • Colors for 2018. Get ahead by incorporating the Pantone colors for next year. Black flame, deep onyx and black magic are all rich hues that make a dramatic statement on accent walls, especially when balanced with cream-colored furniture.Fall home
  • Velvet. This romantic fabric works well when paired with rough surfaces such as furniture made from reclaimed wood. If reupholstering chairs and sofas aren’t in your budget, bring home throw pillows covered in this luxurious fabric.
  • Woven textures. Incorporate elements that weave natural fibers together. Use baskets to capture magazines and hobby supplies. Choose wicker for end tables and plant stands.
  • Statement ceilings. Statement walls have been around for a while, but decorators are starting to make dramatic design choices for ceilings. Cover a ceiling in textured wallpaper, embossed tiles that look like tin, wooden planks or faux paint finishes to make a big impact with a small budget.

Entertaining Trends

Fall is one of the best times for entertaining. Here are a few themes that are going to be big this season.

fall partyPhoto booths. These have been around for a while, and they’re not going away any time soon. Fall is one of the best times to use them for entertaining because there are already so many themes built into the season. Use pumpkins, and old quilts, overalls and bandanas to let guests dress up like scarecrows. Have a costume party in late October and buy an inexpensive backdrop from a Halloween store.

DIY food bars. This idea is currently popular at weddings, since millennials that want to tie the knot don’t always have the funds for expensive catering, but it’s good for any event. DIY food bars let guests fix their food and drink just how they like it, cutting down on preparation while improving interaction. Here are a few examples.

  • Waffle bar. Borrow and set up several waffle makers. Supply batter and toppings like fruit, nuts, whipped cream and flavored syrup.fall-party
  • Biscuit bar. Bake several kinds of biscuits or have each guest bring their favorite. Offer infused butters and several varieties of local honey and preserves.
  • Taco bar. Set out tortillas, meat, and all the toppings for a tasty treat. Provide the ingredients for pork carnitas, tacos al pastor or the traditional ground beef

Theme parties planned around a central activity. Sometimes the people you invite don’t know each other, and interaction can be awkward. Help everyone have fun doing the same activity by planning your party around board games or karaoke.

Old fashioned cocktails. In the past, parties have offered exotic cocktails with a long list of ingredients. Old fashioned drinks like the Manhattan are your best bet for entertaining this fall. For cold fall evenings, warm up with hot toddies or hot buttered rum.

Gardening Trends

Fall’s beautiful weather beckons you to work outdoors. Here is what’s new this season for updating outdoor spaces:

  • Fall gardenUsing natural materials. Landscape designers and DIY gardeners alike are shifting away from anything that looks man-made. Instead, they’re landscaping with materials such as railroad ties and natural stone.
  • Furnishings with an old-fashioned feel. Think back to the things you remember from your childhood. Hang a swing in a quiet corner like you used to sit in with your favorite grandparent. Hang lighting that looks like old lanterns.
  • Anything that promotes sustainability. Products or technology that makes your garden or landscape easier to maintain are good investments. Choose native plants that allow you to conserve natural resources. Use technology that allows your sprinklers to be programmed through your cell phone.

A well-maintained exterior is always a stylish choice. If you need roofing, windows, siding or masonry, Mr. Roof has the most up-to-date materials. Contact us today for a free estimate.