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2018 Home Improvement Projects

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a new home, building one, or simply remodeling an old one, there’s always room for improvement. In 2018, several new trends are surfacing in home remodeling. Read on to learn about popular ideas that may fit perfectly into your remodeling project, including extra accommodations, accessibility, open shelving, bold flooring, and energy efficient upgrades.

Open Shelving

Most homes use closed cabinets to hide kitchenware. In 2018, a new trend tosses this idea out. If you have a nice dishware set worth showing off, you could install open shelving or refinish existing cabinetry for the same effect.

Adding Livable Space

In today’s world, homes often have extended family members living along with the homeowner. A trend this year is having space that’s perfect for multiple generations of the same family living together. As the cost of living continues to rise children are more likely to stay with parents longer and parents are more likely to move in with children as they age. Here are some ideas for turning your basement space into the perfect apartment.

More Accessibility

With senior citizens choosing to age at home instead of in an elderly home, 2018 is on course to see a lot of redesigned homes to accommodate this trend. If this is you or you have a relative making this choice, consider installing wider doorways or hallways to allow wheelchairs an easier path to traverse the home. Pocket doors hide away nicely, making it easier to maneuver around and operate them.

Bold Flooring

Statement walls are so last year. In 2018, the statement piece is moving to the ground in the form of bold flooring choices. If you have a large space in need of something extra or are looking to change things up in a new bathroom install, consider using large geometric tiles or unique hardwoods. Expect to even see white floors, despite the difficulty they present in cleaning.

Smart Homes

Recent years have seen improvements in smart home systems and 2018 will be no different. Customized lighting systems will feature more energy efficient controls. HomePod is coming, and Amazon continues to improve on Alexa. Additionally, expect to see more robots in homes, including some that help support senior citizens.

Decks on Your House

Common sights in apartment buildings, rooftop decks have started to transition to residential buildings, especially those lacking adequate yard space or for homeowners who want something new. Sit back, relax, and see your neighborhood from a whole new angle! Rooftop decks are an amazing way to modernize your home and make the most of your limited space. Just make sure you are calling a roofing professional when it comes to installing anything on your roof.

Tankless Water Heaters

With more people looking to cut energy costs and be more environmentally conscious, this trend from several years ago looks to make a return in 2018. With gas and electric options, you might consider installing these in each bathroom and your kitchen to give you the amount of hot water you need. These water heaters give you hot water as needed and don’t waste energy on keeping water hot when you don’t need it.

Rustic Returns. Again.

There’s something about a classic look, and in 2018, expect to see a more rustic take on something old coming around again. If you’re considering a new bathroom, maybe an old-fashioned bathtub along with rustic features are exactly what your new space needs. Barn doors are more popular than ever and there are a ton of industrial, rustic light fixtures and other types of hardware for you to look into.

Going Green

Everyone wants to take care of the environment, and that trend will stay strong in 2018. For your home remodel, you may want to upgrade your windows and install a more energy-efficient roofing system. New windows can make a huge difference for your home. Old, outdated windows don’t insulate your home the way they should and let in outdoor air. Investing in new windows is a great way to upgrade your home and add curb appeal. When it comes to saving money on utility bills and becoming more energy efficient your roof can have a big impact. Call today to sign up for a free estimate.
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