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5 Reasons to Schedule Your Free Roof Inspection in Cincinnati, OH Today

Reasons to schedule a free roof inspection

If a professional hasn’t looked at your roof in a few years, you may want to schedule a roof inspection this fall. A well-maintained roof will protect the overall health and value of your home. At Mr. Roof, our roof inspections and estimates are always free. Scheduling an appointment may be the easiest home maintenance task you complete this year. Consider some of the top reasons for making the call today:

It’s a 100% free, no obligation appointment.

We’ll send a trained professional to your home to assess the roof’s condition and provide service recommendations. There are no hidden fees. If we make a recommendation and you aren’t ready to commit to service, you don’t have to make a decision right away. At best, our inspections will give you peace of mind that your roof is in great condition. At worst, it will uncover a problem you didn’t know you had. What do you have to lose?

Cincinnati winters can be brutal.

Winter is a tough season for Ohio roofs. In Cincinnati, we receive over 15 inches of annual snowfall. Heavy snowfalls and freezing rains can create ice dams that can cause major damage to already weakened roofs. A free inspection will help you understand if your roof is ready for winter weather. Our team can even provide some tips for preventing and handling ice dams this winter. Fall is the perfect time for winter preparedness.

You may discover a latent issue.

Many signs of roof damage are subtle. Unless you’re on your roof and in your attic actively searching for signs of wear and leaks, you may not see them. Mr. Roof’s inspectors know exactly what to look for to alert homeowners to potential problems. From cement crown damage on chimneys to weaknesses in your gutters, we tackle whole-roof health in our inspections.

It could save you thousands of dollars.

Roof damage often begins as a minor issue – a subtle leak in the flashing, a few missing shingles or tiles, or weaknesses in soffits. If left unaddressed, these problems can escalate. Water damage, in particular, can create the need for repair and replacement work around every space the water touches. If we uncover a minor issue early on, the repair work might cost hundreds or thousands of dollars less than it would otherwise.

Inspections facilitate the insurance claims process.

If your roof suffers damage after a storm, a professional inspector can help you identify all of the damage and estimate the cost of roof repair/replacement work. With all of the information in hand, you can provide your insurance company with everything it needs to approve your claim.

Routine inspections can also create a record of roof health. If your insurance representative doubts the connection between damage and weather conditions, an inspection record may strengthen your claim.

Consider calling the roof inspectors at Mr. Roof out to your home a minimum of every three years and ideally every year. Routine inspections will help you plan for the future and can protect your home from preventable damage.