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9 Signs You Need New Gutters in Cincinnati, OH

Though gutters are supposed to last for a long time, there are many factors that can cause a gutter to deteriorate, such as damage from ladders and tree branches. If you are like many Cincinnati homeowners who do not know when their gutters were installed, it can be difficult to tell when they need to be replaced. If you are concerned about the condition of your gutters, use the following nine signs as a guide to help you determine if it is time to consider purchasing new gutters.

Consider the option of replacement gutters in Cincinnati if you notice one or more of the consecutive issues:

1. Holes, cracks, and rust –


If your gutter has a substantial number of holes, cracks, or rusty areas, this is a sign that your gutters are getting old. If there are only a few areas where this is noticeable, you may be able to repair them with the use of sealant. But when the gutters have a large number of rusty and broken sections, it may be best to replace the gutters entirely.

2. Disconnected gutters –

Gutters only work when they are held tightly together, so if you notice that they are frequently starting to come apart from one another, it is most likely time for a replacement.

3. Loose screws –

If the screws used to fasten the gutter have come loose and you notice them on the ground, this is a sign of gutter damage. Even though adjusting them is not a hard task, you should keep an eye on any repeated occurrences as this indicates the need for gutter replacement in Cincinnati, OH.

4. Broken fasteners –

If the fasteners on your gutter continuously break apart no matter how many times you attempt to restore them, it is likely that the gutter is causing the problem.

5. Gutters disconnecting from the roof –

When spaces frequently appear between the roofline and the gutters regardless of how many times you try to re-connect them, your fascia boards may be decaying and it’s time for a replacement.

6. Sagging tilt –

If your gutters begin to sag, the water may begin to accumulate and can overflow.

7. Eroding paint –

When you notice your gutter’s paint is peeling off, this probably means that the gutters have been disconnecting from your roof, which allows water to drip down over the edge, for an extended period of time. Under these circumstances, the best option is to have the gutters replaced.

8. Pooling water or mildew –

The function of gutters is to keep water out of your home’s foundation, so when you notice water and mildew near your home’s understructure, it is safe to conclude that the gutters are not functioning properly.

9. Basement flooding –

If your basement is flooding, old gutters may be the cause. Gutters clogged with water can begin to overflow, causing water to drip down the sides of the house near the foundation of your home. This water can easily make its way into your basement, which can result in major damage.

Why Mr. Roof?

If you have noticed any of these signs of damage then your gutters are probably reaching the end of their lifespan. It is time to contact a professional gutter replacement company in Cincinnati, OH. Call Mr. Roof today, for a free estimate! When it comes to damages on the exterior of your home or building, you don’t want to wait. Putting off exterior repairs can exacerbate the issue and cause even bigger, more expensive problems for your interior. Choose to work with a local, reliable company, by choosing Mr. Roof.