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Are experiences or gifts better for Valentine’s Day? – Mr Roof

Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a traditional part of many cultures around the globe. Regarded as the best day to express your love and appreciation in whatever way you choose, the holiday is deeply ingrained in our society.

But when it comes to receiving a gift from your loved one versus sharing an experience together, creating stories and lasting memories with your love seems to be superior to exchanging expensive presents. In reality, material possessions will not last, and over time they will gradually decrease in value. On the other hand, memories will last as long as you do. At the end of the day, happiness is all about the moment-to-moment experiences with people you love, and these memories will last for as long as you live. But Valentine’s Day is also about history and tradition, which is something that people believe is an important part of our social history.

As a company with an extensive appreciation for looking back at history and appreciating where it all began, Mr. Roof was founded on the desire to show its customers appreciation every day by providing the highest standards in the industry. With the vision of establishing a business dedicated to performing at the highest standard for their customers no matter how big or small the project, this company truly understands that the best gifts may come in the smallest packages.

Trending Gifts for 2018

Even though true love cannot be defined by how big your gifts are or how much money is spent, there is no harm in showing your loved one how much you appreciate them. Here are the top trending gifts of Valentine’s Day 2018:

Fondue for TwoFondue

Who doesn’t love fondue? Perfect for chocolate or cheese lovers, this fondue machine is sure to come in handy on date night.

Couples Massage

Booking a couple’s massage for you and your spouse is a great way to spend time together and simply relax.

Couple’s Wine or Beer Glasses

This is a cute gift option for those couples who like to indulge in a drink every now and then.

Chocolate or Flower SoapsFancy soap

If your love is a chocoholic, get them a set of delicious-smelling chocolate soap. If they are more into floral scents, purchase a set of flower soaps for a luxurious bath-time experience.

Personalized Bottle Opener

A personalized bottle opener will make your spouse think fondly of you every time they open a drink.

Rose Bath Bomb Set

Encourage your love one to experience some relaxation time by purchasing them a bath bomb set.


If your loved one enjoys reading, purchase an Amazon kindle so they can have easy access to their favorite books and magazines no matter where they are.

Vacation ticketsVacation trip for two

If there is a place you know your love has been wanting to visit, or if you know they would enjoy visiting their parents for a few days, a great way to show them you care is by organizing a trip.

Photo Puzzle Set

Personalize a puzzle with a picture and have fun putting it together with your family.

Concert Tickets

If an artist your spouse loves is coming to town soon, splurge for tickets as a surprise! This is a great way to create a lasting memory by experiencing music together.

Framed Instagram Pictures

If your loved one likes to use Instagram, pick out their favorite Instagram images of you two together.


What is Valentine’s Day without a bubbly, elegant glass of champagne? Champagne is a great gift for the day of love, and it can complement your dinner too!

Heart Map Print

Cherish the exact location you and your love first met with a print of the geographical location.

Heart Collage

A heart collage is a great way to combine your favorite photographed moments with your love into one collective whole.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

If your loved one enjoys diffusing essential oils, get them a diffuser so they can experience the benefits of aromatherapy whenever they please.

Wine Tasting TicketWine tasting

If you and your spouse love wine, check Groupon and other online sources for wine tasting events and deals.

“What I Love About You” Book

This sweet and simple little book is full of a bunch of prompts that the gift-giver fills in.

Date Night Bucket List

If you are bored with your typical date night activities, try to switch things up with ideas from the date night bucket list. You and your loved one will have fun picking from one of these creative options every time date night rolls around.