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Five Signs of a Bad Roofing Job in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Five Signs of a Bad Roofing Job in Ann Arbor, Michigan and How to Avoid Them

The debacle and frustration of a failed roof repair or replacement is certainly a headache for any homeowner. A bad roofing job in Ann Arbor, Michigan could lead to an increase in your utility bill from overworked heating and cooling systems, a leak from rain or snow, or an entry point for bugs and critters. When you hire a company to fix your roof, you want it done right the first time. Having the proper knowledge of what a roof repair should entail can empower you to hold the contractor you hire to do the job accountable. Here are five signs a roof may not have been repaired properly.

1. Roof lines that sag or are not uniform

Roofs should have straight lines and should look uniform throughout. From the ground, if you notice that lines are not straight, then you may be looking at a sagging roof. In this case, the likelihood that your contractor failed to inspect your existing roof for any problems before installing the new roof is high. Whenever you are in need of roof repair or replacement, the contractor should take time to inspect the current roof for any other repairs that need to be addressed in order to support the new roof.

If you examine your roof and you notice that the appearance is not uniform throughout, this is a sign that often indicates an issue with sagging roof lines.

2. Shingles are missing or damaged

Over time, shingles may become damaged or missing from constant wear and tear. A newly repaired or replaced roof has not had the time to experience any wear and tear. If damaged or missing shingles exist after the roof has been newly repaired, then there is a problem with the work from the contractor.

If a sudden storm sweeps through and you notice your newly repaired roof is missing shingles, but your neighbor’s roof is completely intact, then the roof was not repaired correctly.

3. There is a water leak

It goes without saying that any roof repair should be water-tight. That is usually the purpose of the repair. A leak for any reason means bad news. If you notice a leak after your roof has been repaired, then the roof was repaired incorrectly. It could be a sign of a greater issue that the contractor failed to address in the repair. Possible oversights include roof rot and reusing the flashing material. Whenever a roof repair or replacement happens, all new materials should be used. Reusing old materials will weaken the integrity of the roof, and leaks will be inevitable.

4. Critical materials were left off

There are certain materials that need to be present with roofing. These include decking, flashing, underlayment, drip edges, ice and water shield, vents, boots, ridge capping, and shingles. If any one of these elements is missing, then you could easily experience problems. In many cases, cutting corners with materials are ways inexperienced contractors think they save money. They may take advantage of your lack of knowledge.

5. Ventilation is not correct

The roof covers the house, and there is often a space between the roof and the ceiling in your home. This could be an attic, a crawl space, or an area that simply has insulation. However, this is an area where the air is trapped. If that air is not properly ventilated, then the new roof will be caught between the air inside the home and the elements outside. This can cause the roof to fluctuate in temperature, expanding and causing cracks and bends in the shingles and other roofing materials.

Avoid a bad roof repair

Paying for a roof repair that is not done properly is frustrating. Not only could the contractor give you the runaround when you attempt to have them fix their mistakes, but it has already cost time and money. Then, depending on what the failure is, it may have caused further damage that may need to be addressed. Knowing what to look for before the work is finished can help you hold the contractor accountable.

Mr. Roof believes that the repair should be done right the first time. Our professionals will take the time and energy to inspect your roof prior to installing the new one to make sure that everything is structurally ready to support the new roof for years to come. We take pride in our installation and know that we are helping to protect your home and your family. When you’re in need of a roofing in Ann Arbor, call Mr. Roof.