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Benefits of a Green Roof

Are You Interested In Hiring A Louisville Roofing Contractor To Install A Green Roof?

Having a green roof can provide a great deal of benefits to your home; the experts at Mr. Roof can provide countless skilled roofers who are able to perform an expert roof installation for a far better price than most other Louisville roofing contractors. Having served the Kentucky area for decades, Mr. Roof’s skilled crews are adept at being able to provide the eco-friendly homeowner with the ability to have the roof they have always desired.

Green Roof | Free EstimatesOne of the benefits of using Mr. Roof to perform a green roof installation is the quality of shingles used by these experts. While most shingles can last a few decades, once they are broken, worn, or simply used, they are left to sit in a landfill. When it comes to roofing Louisville homes, eco-friendly homeowners are fortunate to have Mr. Roof, as they use specially made rubberized shingles, which can last for the life of the house. Because these shingles can stay on the roof for as long as the home is standing, the use of other shingles becomes greatly reduced.

Additionally, getting a green roof from other Louisville roofing companies can be a long, involved process. Mr. Roof makes a point of being as efficient as possible. The process begins with a contractor coming to your home to provide you with a free estimate. If you’re considering repairs due to damage, they will provide you with a free estimate for roof repair service. Because Mr. Roof is so confident that their product and price is the best, there is no cost or pressure to make a purchase upon receiving an estimate. However, if you choose to proceed, then the contractors will make arrangements for the installation.

Due to the level of skill in which Mr. Roof’s contractors possess, a green roof installation in Louisville, KY can be done in one day. Besides providing a guarantee on the shingles, for as long as you live in the house, Mr. Roof can provide a guarantee that the entire installation can be done in a single day, regardless of the weather. Since Mr. Roof only employs skilled roofers and roof specialists, as well as high-quality materials, the season of the installation does not matter.

There are also additional monetary benefits to having a roof installed from the skilled contractors at Mr. Roof. Because of the long lasting nature of the roofing shingles, as well as the quality of installation, many insurance companies provide a discount to homeowners’ insurance premiums for having a roof installation performed by Mr. Roof. As a result, there are clearly a number of benefits in having the Louisville, KY area contractors from Mr. Roof install a new green roof.