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The Benefits of a Lifetime Warranty

When a family decides to invest in a new roof, there’s quite a bit to consider in the decision process.  Is the renovation in the budget?   Will it last or will we have to keep patching it over time?  How do you determine the quality of one roofer from another?  The concerns can be endless.

We could say a lot about the quality of our in-house materials manufacturing or the decades of expertise in our labor force but those aren’t even the most powerful factors in the case for a roof from Mr. Roof.   What truly sets us apart from our competition is bigger than our fast and efficient process and carries more integrity than our dedicated and skilled craftsmen.  The real power behind the Mr. Roof promise is our complete confidence in our product.

We’re so convinced that we provide the highest quality roof found anywhere in America, we’re willing to slap a lifetime guarantee on it.   Your roof is professionally guaranteed against leaks and high wind and will never need to be replaced.  We do it right the first time and stand by the work for decades.

Our materials are rated against 214 MPH winds and our siding has 300% better impact resistance than generic vinyl siding.   We guarantee a savings on your utility bills as well because we want to save you money along the way.

A trained Mr. Roof technician will stop by for a visit every five years just to make sure you’re still completely satisfied and happy with our work.   If anything does need fixed, we’ll have a team on site within days to repair the work and make it right.  That’s how committed we are to ensuring that your family sleeps under the best protection money can buy.   And the best part?   If you sell your home, the warranty can be transferred to the new owner, no hassle, no questions.

As America’s largest residential roofer and trusted by over 50,000 satisfied customers in over fifty years of business, we know a thing or two about quality roofing and in that time we’ve learned how to keep our promises.   Read our testimonials and call for a free estimate.  With a fully guaranteed work product, you have nothing to lose with your local Mr. Roof.