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Benefits to Window Replacement

Benefits to window replacement

When your windows are old and in disrepair, they are not just an eyesore, but they probably cost you money that could be put to better use. You want windows that allow natural light to enter your home while keeping you safe from the elements and comfortable in your house, but old windows cannot provide all these benefits. Whether you have single-pane windows with cracked and rotted wooden frames or old casement windows with a crank that no longer properly seal when closed, you will find that replacement windows are one of the best investments you can make in your home. Look at these examples of how you can benefit from installing replacement windows.

Energy savings

For homeowners, perhaps one of the most appealing features of replacement windows is the extensive savings they see on their energy utility bills after getting new windows. Heating and cooling a home are some of the highest monthly expenses homeowners face. The insulating properties that replacement windows will provide to your home increase the overall comfort of the interior for you and your family all year long, and offer a great return on your investment by lowering your energy costs.

Blocking harmful rays

Have you noticed that your furniture, draperies, or walls have faded over time from sunlight coming through your windows? This effect is caused by the sun’s UV rays, which are not blocked by outdated single-pane windows. Modern replacement windows, however, have argon or krypton gas between multiple panes, and low-E coatings that prevent the damaging effects of the sun’s rays while allowing natural light into your home. This saves you money overall on replacing home furnishings and repainting interior walls.

Increased resale value

Whether you are considering selling your home or not, you always want to be sure that it is in a condition that will bring top dollar should the situation arise that you need to sell. Installing replacement windows is one of the best ways to add value and comfort to your home. The Remodeling 2020 Cost vs. Value Report indicates that investing in replacement windows may garner as much as 73% over the cost of the project when a home is sold. With a return like that, it is hard to justify keeping your drafty old windows.

Safety and security for your family

If your windows are like most, older and due for replacement, there are probably a few that are either painted shut or don’t open due to damage. Often, older windows also have broken locks that don’t work correctly, and sometimes the windows don’t even close the whole way. Not only do problems like this affect your comfort level and energy costs, but they can create dangerous situations for you and your family. If you are in the unfortunate position of suffering a house fire, faulty windows can prevent people living in the house from escaping, and windows that don’t lock are an open invitation to intruders. New replacement windows allow you to let in the fresh air from outside whenever you want and provide protection against prowlers who may target your home.

Lovely aesthetics

One of the most effective ways to increase the curb appeal of your home is to replace those unsightly old windows with stylish, modern window options. The choices you have in replacement windows offer an array of colors, styles, and finishes that will impress your neighbors and make your home a showpiece. Vinyl windows are a popular choice among homeowners and offer a variety of color and style choices. Still, wood and fiberglass options are sometimes better suited to your home’s unique style. When your home is more visually appealing to those passing by, it is also worth more on the real estate market.

A more peaceful environment

Depending on where your home is located, you may deal with excessive traffic noise, commercial businesses, or loud neighbors daily. One of the features that replacement windows offer is triple-pane glass and insulated frames that help block noise from outside your home. You will appreciate the more serene environment in your home and enjoy the benefits of shutting out noise pollution like the neighbor’s barking dog or the lawnmowers buzzing all around your community.

Easy cleaning

With replacement windows, you can put away the clunky old ladder when spring cleaning rolls around. Modern windows are equipped with features that allow you to tilt the window to the inside, which makes it easy to clean them any time. This is not only safer than spending the day climbing ladders, but it cuts down on the time and effort you need to put into the chore.

Relief from allergies

Our bodies’ reactions to allergens in the home can vary from itchy eyes and skin irritation to constant sneezing and a runny nose. Replacement window options include features that can help you cut down on these allergens and breathe easier. Consider windows with between-the-glass shades and blinds if you suffer from allergies. As the blinds and shades are protected from dust and allergens, you will find that the air in your home irritates you less, and you get the added benefit of never needing to clean the window treatments.

Replacing old, worn-out windows is a project that yields one of the highest returns on investment in your home. You get the benefits of energy savings, year-round comfort, and pleasing aesthetics, along with higher resale value if you decide to put your house on the market. If you are losing heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer due to drafty, damaged windows, now is the time to look into getting them replaced. The window experts at Mr. Roof know how to help you choose the best windows to meet your needs and plan according to your budget. If you are looking for a trusted contractor to install your replacement windows, call us today at (800) 884-9760 to schedule an appointment.