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What is the big deal about Tesla’s Solar Shingles?

Tesla Solar Shingles Exposed

There is something alluring about being 100% self-sufficient, and solar energy tantalizes customers with that possibility. It means no more unpredictable, monthly electric bills and you no longer have to worry about losing Netflix to a sudden power outage. But solar energy has been around for quite a while,  why the sudden buzz?

It’s all about the money

Solar energy has made leaps and bounds in terms of energy efficiently and aesthetics. Solar panels are more efficient than ever before, and Tesla recently released their new solar shingles, which are modern, gorgeous, and fully functional. That brings us to square one, how much will it cost to invest in solar? The whole point of an investment is to earn a return on your investment, making it the logical starting point for this analysis. Solar Energy is a renewable source, so no matter what, you will eventually earn a return on your investment, but the upfront costs of solar shingles and solar panels vary greatly.

The Pros of Choosing Tesla

If you want to jump head first into solar with the newest, high-tech, solar technology then Tesla shingles could work for you. Tesla’s new solar shingles are gorgeous, modern, and surprisingly durable. They are made with tempered glass and covered with Tesla’s lifetime warranty. Using a Powerwall home battery, you can store and use your electricity even when the sun isn’t shining. There is no doubt that Tesla’s new solar shingles are the best looking solar shingles on the market, but does it make sense for you? (Tesla).

The Cons of Choosing Tesla

First of all, solar tiles are expensive to manufacture and expensive to install, making it the most expensive solar option. If you are choosing solar to save money or eliminate your monthly bills, Tesla’s solar shingles are not the best option for you. Not only is it the most expensive option but it is also the newest. It can be exciting to be an early adopter in the tech industry, but it can also put you in the position where you are the test subject for a product that is relatively untested, making it is a risky investment. If there are unforeseen problems with the Tesla shingles, you are going to be the unfortunate customer that has to deal with those problems.

What is the logical choice?

For most people, it is going to make a lot more sense to invest in solar panels rather than a full solar roof. Not only are solar panels cheaper than solar tiles, but they can be installed directly on top of your existing roof, so there is no need for a full replacement. Solar panels even outdo solar tiles in efficiency, and according to Third Sun Solar, “In solar, efficiency is everything; every 0.01% matters. The aesthetic coatings alone could reduce the efficiency by 2%.” Lastly, and most importantly, solar panels have a shorter payback time which is visualized in the cost comparison below. (Third Sun Solar). cost-comparison-mr-roof

Tesla’s solar shingle have significantly higher upfront costs than solar panels. You will spend almost 30 years paying them back, when you could invest in solar panels and get a return on your investment after 10 years. (Third Sun Solar).

Fire Hazard

There is so much we still don’t know about solar roof tiles, and most importantly how a solar roof might impact the safety of your home and family. Since solar roofing is still so new there are not a lot of regulations in place, and there is evidence that solar tiles are actually a fire hazard. Solar shingles conduct electricity, so naturally they are going to create heat. “One study done in Germany found that systems similar to the Tesla Solar Shingles actually increased the risk of fire by 20 times” (Third Sun Solar). In the event of a fire, the electrified shingles could be a major hazard for fire fighters. Not only that, but solar shingles might actually make it more difficult for fire fighters to cut through the roof to do their job.


Everything eventually breaks down. No matter what you choose to invest in, it will eventually need repaired or maintained. If a single solar tile is damaged you may end up repairing a whole chunk of your roof, but if your solar panel is damaged they it can be easily swapped out.


Your location is surprisingly important when it comes to solar. Depending on where you live, you might not get enough sunlight for solar to make sense. In that case, consider investing in a new, modern, insulated roof that will save you money on your utility bills. Even if you do get a lot of sun, you might live in a location that Tesla doesn’t service. You might also want to consider the cost of energy where you live. If energy costs are already low, it might make more financial sense to skip solar all together. Finally, investing in solar energy is going to be relatively expensive no matter where you live, so make sure you are not going to be relocated by work, family, or any other extenuating circumstances. You don’t want to invest in solar and then move before you get the chance to reap the benefits.

Make an informed decision

Now you know the pros and cons of solar energy and you can make an informed decision. Choosing Tesla Solar Shingles makes sense if you live in a high income area, with high energy costs, and lots of sunlight. If you want to invest in solar energy to save money then solar panels are the obvious choice. Last, If you just want to save money on your utilities bills without the significant financial investment, consider a new, better insulated roof. Here at Mr. Roof we offer premium quality roofing at a fair price tag, so you can save money without breaking the bank. Your research has begun, but before you make a decision consult the experts. Most companies will give you a free estimate so you can compare prices that are specific to you. The final question you need to ask yourself is, how much are you willing to pay for aesthetics?

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