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Buying a New Roof in Lowell, MI

Buying a new roof is not a fun activity. You may have been putting it off for years, or maybe you just moved into a new home with a damaged roof. Either way, it is time for you to buy a new roof. The cost of replacing your roof can be daunting, so it is important to make sure a new roof is necessary and will add value to your home.

How to Decide if You Need a New Roof

Before taking the plunge and making the investment on a brand new roof, take stock of your current roof. Analyze your roof from all angles and pay extra attention to the shingles. Is there any curling? Are there any spots where it seems there may be worn or missing shingles? Climb up and take a look inside your gutters: Are they filled with shingle pieces? If your roof is made of slate, are tiles broken or missing? Wood shingles can rot and begin to grow mold or moss.

Getting on your roof can be dangerous which is why we recommend calling a professional to do the analysis for you. Call Mr. Roof if you want a free, no pressure, estimate. We will give you a detailed report of the damages and what it will take to get them repaired or replaced.

Another important factor to consider is when the roof was last replaced. You should ask about the roof’s age before you close on the sale of a home. Most roofs last about 20 years, so you’ll want to be prepared if a new roof will be an added expense. It is difficult to determine what lies underneath the top layer of the roof without hiring a roofing contractor. It’s possible you may just need to repair a small area rather than replacing the whole roof.

What Type of Materials Should You Use?

Roofs are usually made with asphalt shingles. Some regional areas choose to use tile, slate, or wood roofing material. Metal roofing is also becoming more common in residential areas for its energy efficiency. Here are some of the benefits and downfalls of each material to help aid in your choice:

  • Asphalt shingles are most popular because they are very easy to install, making them more cost-effective. These shingles are thick and give your roof a textured appearance. Asphalt shingles can last as long as 25 years when properly maintained.
  • Wood shingles used to be the go-to for shingles centuries ago. They are known for their aesthetics, and can be made of cedar, redwood, or pine. Some areas do not allow wooden shingles since they do not meet most fire codes, and they can cost twice as much as asphalt shingles.
  • Metal roofing is made of aluminum, steel, copper, or lead. These roofing materials are very durable, but can be expensive. They tend to last longer and are more energy-efficient than other roofing options, which is what contributes to the cost.
  • Tile and cement roofing is common in Spanish-style homes, giving the roof a ripple effect. These materials are very expensive but durable. If you are considering a tile or cement roof, make sure the structure of your home can withstand the

Consult an Expert

Find a roofing contractor in Lowell, MI, that can assess the quality of your current roof and help determine if it is time to make a replacement. Mr. Roof’s professional staff is available to answer any questions. If you decide it is time to replace your roof, they can help you choose the perfect material for your home.