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Why Not to DIY Your Roof Replacement in Ann Arbor

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Roof Replacement in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Roughly 2.3 million single family homes are estimated to need a full roof replacement in the next decade. Maintaining a fully functional and sound roof is vital for the structural integrity of your home, so simply choosing not to replace your roof is not a safe option. Replacing your roof is an important investment in your home or business. Many people believe they can replace roofs on their own, but this is as unsafe as it is unwise.

In fact, replacing your roof on your own can come with a slew of unexpected issues. Here are few that could impact your decision on DIY’ing your roof in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Void warranties

If there is a current warranty on your roof, it can be voided if anyone other than a qualified professional does any work on the roof. Roof manufacturers include this on their projects to prevent roof damage from DIY projects. If their products are installed incorrectly by someone other than a professional, then they do not guarantee their products will work as intended. Even if you’re confident that you can install the roofing pieces correctly, you still lose the peace of mind from the warranty. Placing new shingles over the old can also void the warranty. Saving money by installing a roof yourself may still put you behind in the long run by forcing you to pay out of pocket for future repairs or replacements.

Fail to notice an issue

You may notice damage on your roof that you consider a small issue that you believe you can patch yourself; however, you are not trained to see serious problems. You may outwardly patch the issue but then bury a big problem that will cause significant damage to your home. For example, putting a patch on a hole in the shingles will make the roof look nice, but it doesn’t fix any water damage that likely occurred in the wood underneath. You may get a short-term solution for a long-term problem.

Compromise homeowners’ insurance

Your roof is one of the first lines of physical defense to protect your home, while your homeowner’s insurance is a financial line of defense. Because both are vital to your home, nothing should be done to jeopardize them; however, working on your roof on your own can cause your insurance to drop your policy. Once it’s on your record that your insurance dropped you, it’s harder to find another insurance and typically results in higher deductibles.

Appearance of the structure

Professionals are professionals for a reason- they’re experienced in their craft with the knowledge to put the roof on correctly. This means the roof will look good when they are finished- something that is not guaranteed if you attempt to DIY your roof. The shape and materials you use on your roof affect how simple it is to work on the roof, but you will still have less experience than hired professionals. Lopsided shingles or an uneven roof can become a constant irritant and require even more time spent to correct the mistake.

Time commitment

It is not simple to repair or replace a roof. Professional teams can complete a roof in a couple of days, which may cause you to have a false sense of how long your project will take. You may spend many more days on the project than you intended, which will pull you away from your work and family responsibilities. Even if your roof is not complex, you will still need time to develop a rhythm and process for the project- things professionals already have


Construction is a dangerous job, with roofing worker fatalities accounting for a large portion of the overall construction industry deaths. Roofing is a dangerous job, even among professionals. A layman replacing their own roof would be at a higher risk of injury or death than a professional. Taking heavy tools and equipment up a ladder can make even simple repair jobs dangerous and life-threatening. In the case of more serious roof damage like mold or infestation, there is a threat of falling through the roof or roof collapse. You may also run into insects like wasps that have created nests on your roof, along with weather-related issues. Your very life could be at risk if you climb up on your roof.

When it’s not worth it

In the end, working on your own roof in Ann Arbor likely will not be worth the outcome. You risk losing a lot of money if it’s done incorrectly and still lose the warranty if it is not. It’s also extremely dangerous for those who aren’t professionals. Mr. Roof can help get your roof repaired or replaced without any of the dangers listed.