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Don’t Let Spring Rain Ruin Your Home

There’s something very special about spring rain, and the renewal that it brings between the seasons. But April showers may not just bring May flowers. Did you know that rain can also mean potential damage to your home after the cold winter season. The particularly nasty polar vortex meant frigid temperatures that your home had to react to. Now that it’s warming up, your home may naturally expand ? allowing all that moisture to seep into your home from many different angles. Is your home prepared for the spring rain?

The first most common way moisture can break into your home is through your roof. The cold temperatures and battering storms winter brought this year could have damaged your roof, without you knowing it. The hard winter storms could have either eroded your shingles, or knocked them off entirely. If you haven’t had your roof inspected in a while, you may want to consider getting a no-obligation opinion of the quality of your home. Our inspections are always free, and we’ll be honest about the quality of your home.

The second most common problem area for moisture damage to your home is through your chimney. After a brutal winter season, Santa might not be the only thing getting into your home from your roof ? the cold weather can cause your masonry work to contract, and expand as it gets warmer. This expansion can cause cracks in your chimney crown, and ultimately let moisture into your home. Mr. Roof’s technicians are trained in the most advanced methods to not only waterproof your chimney, but also repair any cracks that the winter weather may have caused.

Siding that has been damaged or blown away can also present a problem for your home. The harsh winter storms may have created damage to your home’s siding, exposing the side of your home directly to the elements. Mr. Roof isn’t known for protecting the top of your home ? we also specialize in siding! If you have damaged or missing siding as a result of storms, call us today for a free estimate on a repair or replacement,

Let go of your worries when it comes to your home this winter, with a free inspection of your home. Contact us today to learn more about weatherproofing solutions for your home!