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Get New Windows for Your Ann Arbor, Michigan Home

Get New Energy Efficient Windows for Your Ann Arbor, Michigan Home

“Energy efficiency” is a keyword you’re sure to come across during new window installation. Your windows have great power in determining the energy efficiency of your entire house. Modern window replacement often centers on upgrading old, inefficient glass and window systems with newer, more energy efficient models. Technology has created windows that filter out ultraviolet rays without impeding light. Get top-rated energy efficient windows during your window installation in Ann Arbor, Michigan through Mr. Roof.

A breakdown of energy efficiency ratings

When shopping for your window replacements, search for Energy Star and National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) labels and stickers that verify the window is energy efficient. These stickers will contain a few numbers describing the efficiency of the glass, insulation, an entire system. Here’s a breakdown of some of the values you might encounter:

  • Low-e
    Low emissivity (low-E) glass has improved thermal and solar performance. It has a special coating that minimizes the number of ultraviolet rays that pass through the glass without impacting the visibility of light.

  • R-value
    A window’s R-value refers to the glass’s ability to resist heat flow. Look for insulated glass with a high R-value for the best heat resistance and insulating power.

  • U-value
    U-value is the inverse of R-value. It is the thermal transmittance of the glass. U-value describes how much heat energy the window loses or gains. The lower the U-value of a window, the more energy efficient the system is.

  • Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC)
    SHGC measures how much solar radiation a window lets through. Low SHGC means high energy efficiency. In warm climates, low SHGC windows reduce heat gain.

  • Air leakage
    Find the air leakage, or amount of air movement around a window in the presence of pressure, expressed in cubic feet per minute per square foot. Look for windows with low air leakage ratings.

New window installation will benefit your home and family the most if you choose windows with optimal energy efficiency. Work with your contractor to find the most efficient windows for your home and space. The right choice can help you combat harmful UV rays, protect your carpets and furniture, keep your home’s temperature more controlled, reduce your carbon footprint, and lower your utility bills.

Where to buy energy efficient windows in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Find a window replacement contractor in Ann Arbor, Michigan that offers windows with high energy performance ratings. If you’re interested in replacing old windows with energy efficient glass and frames, talk with our team. We can help you look for window features such as the Energy Star or NFRC seal of approval, UV resistance, low-E argon glass, and low seal failure rates.

Accreditations like winning the Consumers’ Choice Award can also be a sign that your window installation will use energy-efficient systems. Mr. Roof takes energy savings seriously. We help customers achieve optimal efficiency by offering state-of-the-art Energy Star rated windows and using installation best practices. Our team of highly-trained contractors knows how to customize and install windows for total insulation, weatherproofing, and sealing.

With help from Mr. Roof, your window replacement project can make your home more secure, comfortable, and energy-smart. Ask us about our top-rated windows during your free window installation consultation. Start by requesting a free estimate for window installation in Ann Arbor, Michigan.