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Ensuring Roofing Ventilation is Properly Installed

Memphis Roofing Attic Ventilation Basics

Ventilation is one of the most important aspects of home construction. Proper attic ventilation not only extends the life of your roof, but can significantly lower your heating and cooling costs. Inadequate attic ventilation can lead to numerous problems ? roof failure being one of the most common and also the most damaging and costly.
Proper ventilation allows your home to circulate air. Warm moist air rises. Without adequate means of escape, this moisture can build up as condensation and standing water, often causing potential serious problems in your roof and attic. Unhealthy mold and mildew may build up as a result. Heat buildup in the attic can be in excess of 150 degrees. This can compromise or “bake” the roofing material from the lower layer which can lead to premature aging and failure of the roofing material.

Many homeowners, unaware that attic ventilation is critical to the life of their roof, may not know to make themselves aware of the specifics of the ventilation process. Ventilation is required at the eaves, underneath, and at the peak of the roof for proper intake and exhaust of excess heat and moisture. However, roof designs can be very different and ventilation formulas are used to alleviate guesswork. These are based upon the square footage of a home, the type and shape of the attic, and vent sizes. A qualified roofing contractor should be willing to provide this information to a homeowner.

Have your roof inspected for proper attic ventilation by one of our roofing specialists. An inspection can save you thousands of dollars, extend the life of your roof and possibly reduce the risk of health problems from attic mold and mildew.