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Free Window Estimates in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Free Window Estimates in Grand Rapids, Michigan

If you live in Grand Rapids, Michigan or any of Mr. Roof’s other service areas, you might be interested in calling us for window replacement. We may be called Mr. Roof, but we are experts at window replacement in Grand Rapids. We can replace the windows in your entire home for less than what you’d pay a competitor who only does windows. Moreover, we guarantee satisfaction with our work or we’ll give you your money back.

Do you need window replacements?

A tiny crack in the glass, a sagging sill, or a window that sticks halfway up or down might not seem like a big deal. However, these and other problems are telltale signs you need window replacements. Think about how your home feels this winter. If it’s been unusually drafty, your windows are not doing their job. The same is true if certain parts of your home have been much warmer than other parts or if you can hear your window creaking on a blustery day.

If you need window replacement, Mr. Roof can complete any size project in as little as a day. You might have one particularly troublesome window or a whole room in need of new ones. If your home is older – built 20 or more years ago – you may want to consider replacements for the entire house. Window replacements keep you safe and comfortable, and increase your home’s appeal if you’re looking to sell.

Increase the view, decrease the noise

Although you may not see problems with your windows, what you hear may also prove they are inadequate. Your windows may need replacing if you can hear your neighbors all the way down the street, or if the garbage truck down the block constantly sounds like it’s in your yard. In addition, pay attention to what you see. A distorted or cloudy view, or one that doesn’t let you see much, means it’s time to call Mr. Roof.

At Mr. Roof, we guarantee our windows will increase your view by 27%. In addition, our windows block out noise better than our competitors’. With our windows, you’ll only hear what is nearest to your home, at comfortable decibels.

Keep your windows green

Today, homeowners are concerned about decreasing their carbon footprints. Mr. Roof windows are a great, easy way to keep your house environmentally friendly. We pride ourselves on making only the most energy efficient windows.

Window energy efficiency is measured using the R and U factors. The U factor reflects how well your windows are insulated, while the R factor measures windows’ resistance to heat conduction. The R factor is the inverse of U. Most of today’s windows have an R factor of 3, so their owners often feel hot, especially in spring and summer. Most windows also have a poor U factor – at least -.49. This keeps houses colder in winter, but wastes heat. When summer arrives, the house gets hot again.

With our windows, you won’t have to depend on your thermostat to keep your home comfortable. Heat and air won’t be wasted and siphoned back into the environment, so pollution in your neighborhood will likely decrease.

Your energy savings will vary, but Mr. Roof guarantees using our windows will slash your energy bill. Some customers have saved as much as 49% on energy bills. We have received glowing reviews from engineers, who are familiar with how energy works and how to decrease carbon footprints without spending a great deal of money.

Choose us for your windows

Mr. Roof offers a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee for Grand Rapids window replacement customers. We make our products on site, and we don’t install anything we didn’t make ourselves. Our employees receive training at our factory, and we ensure they are familiar with many different window types before sending them into the field

Our competitors can take as long as three weeks to replace windows. In the meantime, your life noise, tools, and strange people going in and out disrupt your life. With Mr. Roof, this is not a concern. We offer a same-day guarantee; if your project is not completed in a day but that’s what we promised, we take full responsibility. We will also inspect your property before and after installation, and clean up after ourselves. We offer free estimates, so call or visit us online to get one today.