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10 Cool Ways to Decorate Your Roof This Halloween

10 Cool Ways to Decorate Your Roof This Halloween

As the days creep closer and closer to the spookiest day of the year, you may be wondering how to decorate your home to celebrate Halloween. Whether you have children of your own or just want to bring a dose of scary fun to the neighborhood trick-or-treaters, you can follow these tips to decorate your roof this Halloween.

Be as creative as you wish

Using your roof goes beyond the normal staging done on most porches and front lawns. Trick-or-treaters will be delighted to see large pumpkins, soaring ghosts, or giant creepy, crawly spiders completing the look of your haunted house.

Practice safety

No matter what idea you go with for your scary celebration, practice safety when installing decorations. Before you climb up onto your roof, take some time to inspect your roof for cracks, shingle damage, and mold to ensure your roof can handle the added weight of the decorations. Call a professional roofing contractor such as Mr Roof for more helpful tips.

Once you know your roof is structurally safe, decorate using the provided safety attachments and fasteners to secure objects to the roof. Be sure to avoid using nails or nail guns that could damage your roof and cause leaks. If you notice any structural issues, remember that you can always contact our roofing specialists for needed repairs and replacements.

Utilize your entire house

You can use your entire house to get in on the spooky fun by using your windows, balcony, patio, and porch to create a full scene for Halloween. Turning your whole house into a prop will elevate your decor and wow everyone who pays your home a visit for Halloween treats.

Here are some ideas to turn your home into a truly creepy scene for Halloween.

1. Try a haunted house

Make Your home the scariest dwelling on the street by transforming your home into a haunted house. Litter the lawn with warning signs, cover the windows with baseboards, and hang cobwebs on the walls, shrubbery, and doorways.

To take your haunted theme to the next level, use your roof to have cascading ghosts floating with dark twinkling lights. Every passerby will stop and stare at your setup and wonder how you got so creative.

2. Have visitors take a walk through a cemetery

Tombstones, Skeletons, and smoke can make for a pretty frightening sight on Halloween night.

3. Line your roof with lighted pumpkins to simulate a pumpkin patch.

Not all decorations have to be over-the-top scary. Use your roof to showcase the fun of a pumpkin patch, which is sure to be a delightful experience for the smallest trick-or-treaters.

4. A mermaid’s paradise

Mermaids, in beautifully colored tails, is another little-kid-friendly Halloween decor theme. Incorporate your roof by making it the top of the underwater palace, complete with water effects and glowing seashells.

5. Dive deep with a haunted pirate ship

Put your skeleton props from your haunted house in some pirate gear and take your decor to the high seas. Children and adults will be thrilled to see the haunted sailors sitting up on your roof to greet them as they gather their Halloween candy.

6. Use a giant Reaper to make your home look like the underworld.

Nothing screams scary like a grim reaper on Halloween. With spooky sounds and dramatic lighting, everyone may be too scared to ring your doorbell.

7. Take your vision to outer space

 One word – Aliens. Use them, and maybe even a spaceship, to turn your home into a sight that’s out of this world.

8. Try a witch’s coven

Smoke, bubbling cauldrons, and witches flying from the roof on their brooms is a classic but solid way to use your roof as the ultimate Halloween prop.

9. Go Jurassic

Place a T-rex up on the roof for major squeals as everyone realizes they are treading through dangerous territory to snag some treats. Don’t forget to make sure your T-rex has a mighty roar!

10. Simple, or not so simple, lighting

Last but not least is the classic idea of using your roof to add lighting to the other props and decorations used. The lighting can be simple string lights, or you can go modern and try patterned lighting or lighting that flashes a chilling message for all who dare to get close enough to read it.

Halloween is the one night of the year that’s focused on magic, mystery, and fun, so feel free to make your décor as extravagant as you want. All we ask is that you set up, install and take down your decorations using our tips to stay safe and protect yourself and your roof. Happy decorating!