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What Happens If I Put Off Roof Repair?

Sometimes, roof repairs fall lower and lower on your to-do list when other life expenses get in the way. However, there are serious and costly consequences to delaying roof repairs. Putting off roof repairs can endanger your home, health, and finances down the road.

Health Issues

Roof damage can create health problems over time. Even the smallest of leaks can let water seep into your home where it can cause mold, mildew and/or bacteria to take hold.  As it spreads, the moisture will seep into your home, affecting places such as the attic and eventually making its way into the walls. Mildew and mold can grow inside the house and contaminate the air, which is dangerous to your health. You may have an allergic reaction to the air or you might fall ill with a respiratory sickness.

Water damage can affect your foundation in more ways than one. If your roof is leaking the wooden support beams that literally support your home will begin to rot and as they rot they become unstable and will eventually collapse. If a leak is left untreated it could cause very serious internal damages.

Roof Damage Will Worsen With Time

Delaying roof repairs won’t solve the problem. Once your roof starts showing signs of water damage or the shingles are missing, torn, broken, or punctured, you should act as soon as possible. Leaving the problem alone will lead to the damage getting worse over time.

If your roof starts leaking, it will spread to other parts of the house and weaken the roof. If there are holes in the roof, it creates a way for insects, rats, and other animals to get into your home. This will also contaminate your living area.

Costly Roof Repairs

If roof repairs are your lowest priority, chances are you’ll have to pay more for them in the future. On top of that, your roof may not be the only part of the house you need to fix. The walls may have damages and the structure of your home might need fixing. Your house might need repairs from the inside out to return it to its original state.

In the case of leaks, if the roof and ceilings fall in, it will be considered as a roof failure, and you will need to remove and replace the entire roof. If mold, mildew, and other toxins have taken over your home, you’ll have to call in a professional service to clean it. You will also have to call a pest control company to remove any insects and animals that entered your house. In total, you could need roof replacement, mold removing service, and a pest control contractor if the house is seriously damaged.

Your Insurance Won’t Help

Home insurance usually covers damages from storms, strong winds, and other natural disasters that harm your roof. However, if your insurance company looks over your claim and discovers you neglected your roof, it won’t cover the expenses.

Other consequences will be a lower property value because of all the damages to the house, higher bills, and possibly needing to move out to fix your home if there are external and internal damages.

Roof repair isn’t a light topic, and you can save money if it’s taken care of as soon as possible. Talk to the experts at Mr. Roof to get an assessment of your roof and whether it needs replacement. We understand the importance of living in a safe, healthful home, so we offer financing options to make roof repair or replacement affordable even on a budget.