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How to Choose a Roofer You Can Trust

Roofing contractors are responsible for a key component of your household’s well-being and comfort. When it comes to choosing a roofer to install or repair your roof, you want to be sure you are getting the best of the best, but with scammers and inexperienced contractors contending for your business, it can be difficult to tell the difference between quality service providers and a scam. These are some key signs to look for that indicate a trustworthy roofing contractor.


Transferable Lifetime Warranty

A lifetime warranty is a guarantee that the product you have received will not fail. If it does, you are due a repair or replacement. When roofers offer a lifetime warranty, it means they have full confidence that what you pay for is built to last. If the lifetime warranty is transferable and you sell your home, the warranty can be transferred to the new owner.

Some contractors might do a poor job or use low-grade materials purposely in the hope that you will need their services again. These contractors would not offer a lifetime warranty, because they want the extra income from working on a house more than once. Other contractors may offer a lifetime warranty, but do not have the history to stand behind it.

Length of Time in Business

If a roofing company has been around for a while, it is a good sign they will provide quality service. That kind of commitment shows the company is dedicated to their work and respects the people for whom they work. They are also familiar with location-specific regulations and building codes that must be followed for safe and legal construction. If they did not follow these regulations, they would not stay in business long.

Substandard contractors have a hard time keeping business going for a long time. A long history in the local area is a good sign that a roofer can be trusted.

Full Transparency

Honesty and integrity are hard to come by these days. When a business shows it is willing to discuss all the details of the job they intend to do, you know you can trust what they say. Roofing prices can be expensive. Some roofers might try to sell you services you don’t need or hide costs from you. When a contractor gives the straight facts and doesn’t try to sugarcoat anything, you can be sure they are telling the truth.

Sometimes decoding what a contractor says is difficult if you do not fully understand the matter at hand. Contractors may pick up on this and deceive you with fancy jargon or complex calculations. Do your research before having an inspection to avoid being scammed.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Roofing contractors with high transparency will usually have a high Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. This rating shows how well a business interacts with its customers based on information gathered by the BBB. Just like a school grading scale, the BBB rates a business from A+ to F.

The BBB uses several criteria to determine the rating of a business. They look at how long the business has been operational and whether it operates within the scope of the law. They look at the history of complaints filed, as well as the how the business responded to the complaints. As mentioned, the BBB considers the transparency of the practices, such as how completely information is filled out and legitimacy of addresses. These factors make the BBB rating a very comprehensive evaluation of a business. Mr. Roof is proud to boast an A+ rating with the BBB. Our customers always come first, and this high rating on the BBB reflects that.

Online Ratingsmr-roof-review-susan-b

Some online ratings can be tampered with, but overall they are a fairly accurate assessment of how well a business satisfies its customers’ needs. When looking at customer reviews, the first point of interest will be the star rating. Trusted businesses should not have a rating below four stars. This should tip you off as to the quality of service to expect.

Look through the written reviews as well. This is where the details will be found. Read positive and negative reviews to see what strengths and weaknesses the company has. When reading the negative reviews, consider if the issue is something you would also be concerned with. Customers view experiences differently, so what may be troublesome to one person could be something that wouldn’t bother you.

Avoid getting stuck with an inadequate contractor for your roof installation. Roofing contractors should be well-reviewed, fully transparent, long-established in the community and show confidence in their work. Before you commit, do a bit of research to find a trustworthy roofer near you.

Mr. Roof has been providing premium quality products and highly trained installation services for over 50 years. We have over 250,000 satisfied customers and an A+ rating with the BBB. If you are looking for a roofer you can trust, check out Mr. Roof. We will give you a free estimate detailing the damages and how much it will cost you before any work begins, so you know exactly what you are paying for. We offer one day installation on most projects, so you can get back to your normal routine quickly. We also offer a lifetime warranty, so you can feel confident it is done right the first time and good for a lifetime.