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How to Clean a Roof Gutter

Why Is Gutter Cleaning Important

Cleaning out gutter systems of your home is extremely important. If gutters remain clogged over a period of time, it can eventually lead to roof damage, leaks and ultimately, interior damage. Proper gutter maintenance and cleaning can prevent this. Cleaning gutters is relatively easy but if the homeowner feels reluctant to do it, there are many roofing professionals that offer gutter cleaning services.

One Solution: Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are shields that slip underneath shingles and protect the gutter from debris. Gutter guards are helpful for keeping the gutters clear and working correctly.

If Your Home is surrounded by Trees

Excessive tree coverage may make cleaning and maintaining gutters more challenging. If there is an abundance of leaves that tend to get trapped in the gutter, it is advisable to clean two to four times per year.

Once a Month, Is it Necessary?

Unfortunately if you live in an area that has harsh weather and has extensive tree coverage, you may find it necessary to clean gutters once a month to remove debris build-up.

What Happens When My Gutters Are Clogged?

Once debris fills builds up in the gutters rain water will have nowhere to go and may begin to wash down the sides of the home instead of being redirected. Another possibility is gutter collapse, which could potentially send water where it is not wanted. The roof may eventually become damaged from the buildup of water and develop leaks that can intrude into the home.