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How to Detect Roof Damage

Main Ways To Identify Roof Damage

Roof damage can appear for many different reasons, and the key to repairing the damage in a timely fashion is being able to identify what type of damage the roof has sustained. The following is a list of ways that you can identify roof damage.

Things That Can Hurt Your Roof

Rain storms, hail, strong winds, extreme temperature, ice, fallen objects: a multitude of different scenarios can contribute to damage to your roof. Be especially careful to note changes after a particularly harsh bout of weather to circumvent any damage that may have been sustained.

Look For Obvious Distress

Take notice of signs such as water spots, wet insulation or damp framework along with cracking paint. Physical signs of water damage mean that there is the potential for a serious leak. It is time to call a contractor to determine whether there is damage under the surface.

Wind Damage

Wind damage is often more obvious than water damage. Instead of looking for small leaks, you may encounter entire rows of shingles that have blown off your roof or gutters that may be misshapen. If wind damage has occurred, you will want to contact a roofing contractor to remediate the damage done.
Identifying roof damage can be easy or incredibly difficult depending on the situation. It could be anything from a multitude of missing shingles from a bad wind-storm to a small leak that is slowly decaying your framework. Either way, if you suspect roofing damage it is advised that a roof contractor be consulted so that appropriate measures can be taken. No matter what your specific problem may be, Mr. Roof will be able to pinpoint your problem and suggest the appropriate steps to take.
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