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How to Find Out if a Roofing Company is Legit

There are many roofing companies available to you with different levels of experience and expertise. The amount of options can make it difficult to choose a roofing company that is legitimate.

Here are some tips to aid in the decision-making and give you confidence in the roofing company you choose.

1. Find Out About Their Insurance

Most roofing companies will claim they are bonded, licensed, and insured. It is easy for any company to make these claims, and you should ask to see evidence of this insurance. When a company is bonded, you are protected financially. This means the roofing company will not accept money for the work and then never complete it.

When a roofing company is insured, they are covered for any liability issues that can come up during the work. For example, if an insured contractor gets hurt while working on your roof, they cannot turn around and blame you for the incident.

Be thorough when investigating roofing companies. A legitimate roofing company will have up-to-date bonding and insurance and will be able to provide you with a physical copy.

Quality roofing companies should have a list of references you can contact to inquire about the quality of work. Be sure to check with multiple references to get a full understanding of the services the roofing company provides. Ask questions about the roofer’s communication style, if the project went smoothly, and if the homeowners are happy with the results of the work.

3. Ask Questions3754-nicoya-ct-2

A great way to tell if a roofing company is legitimate is by asking them questions. Your questions can be about your specific project’s needs or about their business. Great companies are happy to answer these questions and glad that you are so interested in finding a quality roofer. Other companies may try to dodge your questions, or get frustrated that you are requiring so much information. These companies are not easy to work with and may not have legitimate answers to your questions. Some examples of questions to ask are:

  • How many jobs have your completed similar to this one?
  • Have you done work in my neighborhood before?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you offer warranties on products and services?
  • What is your permanent business address?

Watch Out for Scams

Scam businesses are readily available when you are in desperate need of services. These companies take advantage of your need and convince you they are the best to get the work done quickly. Here are some tips on how to avoid scams from roofing companies:

1. They Ask for Money Up Front

It is commonplace for legitimate roofing companies to ask for partial payment up front. This is used as insurance for them that you will pay for the work when it is finished. Scam businesses will say they need the majority or the full amount to pay for the materials and equipment they need for the repairs. If you pay up front, the company may either disappear or do substandard work.

2. Signing a Contract Without All the Details

Scam companies will be very agreeable in conversations about the work that needs to be done. They will seem to fully understand your needs and act like they will do a great job. A contract will be provided that does not include all the small details you discussed, and their contractors will try to convince you to take their word for it. Never sign a contract that does not include all of the details. Instead, take this as a sign you should look for a higher quality roofing company.

3. More Damage Than You Initially Believed

A common theme among scam roofers is to create extra damage to your roof so it will cost more money. Always have multiple inspections and estimates from companies, and be present during these inspections. This will ensure that no additional damage will be done to your roof.

mr-roof-no-locationFind a Local Reputable Company

Choosing a local roofing company is the best way to ensure you will receive quality service. Local companies have worked hard to build roots in your community and have references you can trust. A legitimate roofing company will go out of its way to make you feel like your individual needs are being met and all of your questions are being answered. This attention to detail will give you the confidence that your roof is being properly replaced. Local companies like Mr. Roof offer quality service you can rely on. Contact them today for a free estimate.