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How to Handle Roof Leaks in Strongsville, Ohio

How to Handle Roof Leaks in Strongsville, Ohio

Having a leaky roof in Strongsville, Ohio can be a real headache, and it’s not something you can ignore. Whether from recent damage or years of wear, issues may arise during the life of your roof. When you notice there’s a roof leak, act fast to protect your most valuable investment.

Steps to take for a roof leak

If you find yourself with a leaky roof, here is what you should do:

  • Clear the area. Having a leak is bad enough. But more damaged items make the issue even worse. Move everything out of the way as best as possible. It will give you better access to the leak and will protect whatever is in the path from further damage. 
  • Contain the leak. This is so important to protect from extensive damage. The idea here is to collect the water that’s leaking, so it doesn’t spread all over. Place a bucket, or any large empty container, under the leak so you can contain the issue to keep it from expanding and getting worse. Make sure to empty the water if the container fills quickly.
  • Cover the area. Hopefully, you can get your emergency taken care of quickly, but until you do, you can protect your home from further damage. If you can, cover the problem area with a thick tarp, and be sure to weigh it down. Don’t apply too much additional weight or pressure to the area to prevent additional leaks. This isn’t a permanent fix, but it should help the situation until you can get it serviced.
  • Clean up standing water. Take some time to clean up as much standing water as you can. Whether on your roof, or inside, pooled water can create more damage, extending the issues you’re currently facing. 
  • Take photos of the damage. Having documented photos of the damage is important for your insurance company. Make sure to have lots of good photos to provide to your insurance company when you file a claim. Also, be sure to take photos of anything else that was damaged due to the leak because you may be eligible to have more covered than you think.
  • Contact a professional roofer. Roof leaks are a big hassle, so hiring the right contractor for the job is important. Finding the most professional and reputable help is the most significant step in this process, as this is how you get the major problem addressed. Be sure to do a little research to find the best roofing contractor for you.
  • Be sure to do regular maintenance. Once you get your roof fixed, you should continue to do regular maintenance. Doing preventative maintenance will help to save you from another heap of trouble down the road. Make sure to check for trees growing too close to your roof, blocked drains and gutters, damage following bad weather, and missing shingles. Be sure to get any of these issues dealt with as soon as possible, or you could be facing another leak.

Find Mr. Roof when you discover a leak

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