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How Virtual Estimates Make Home Improvement Easier

How Virtual Estimates Make Home Improvement Easier

Before getting to work on any roofing or home improvement project, you’ll probably want to receive an estimate. Although estimates are an important part of the repair or installation process, they aren’t always the most convenient step.

There are times when it might be difficult for your roofer to stop by and take a look at your home. In the past, this was the only way for a repair expert to examine the site and provide the client with an accurate estimate.

Fortunately, this is no longer the only method of acquiring a renovation estimate – in fact, the renovator doesn’t even need to stop by to accurately estimate a project’s cost. This is thanks to the rising popularity of virtual renovation tools, including Hover.

Since the onset of COVID-19 and social distancing regulations, virtual estimation tools have become more useful than ever before. Virtual estimates help minimize person-to-person contact over the course of a repair or renovation job.

If you’re interested in receiving a virtual estimate from a trusted roofing company, consider reaching out to Mr. Roof today. We can provide our clients with no-obligation virtual estimates.

How do virtual estimates work?

Depending on the service provider you’re working with, their virtual estimation strategy can vary. Some renovators may request that you provide a few pictures of the project site, as well as a phone call or video to provide more information. Although it sounds simple, it’s often possible for the home improvement professional to come up with an accurate estimate with just this information.

For a virtual estimate to be as accurate as possible, you may want to take the process a step further. Services such as Hover are becoming increasingly widespread, thanks to their advanced ability to take measurements and calculate the cost of projects down to the penny.

Using their smartphone, the client can measure siding, roofing, and windows down to the inch. This provides more up-to-date and accurate measurements than aerial imagery providers, especially when the aerial images are several years out of date.

Then, 3D designs can be used to help the homeowner envision the potential outcome of their project. Not only does this lead to precise cost estimates, but it also gives clients a clearer idea of what the current project will achieve and how it will impact the appearance of their property. This allows for a far more streamlined process than one might expect from traditional, in-person estimates.

The top benefits of virtual estimates

As we’ve established, virtual estimates provide both homeowners and renovators with several benefits and added conveniences. Here are some of the top benefits of receiving a virtual estimate from your roofer or contractor rather than having them stop by to perform an in-person inspection.

Convenient estimates that fit your schedule

Even if a homeowner needs a home renovation service, they may put it off because they don’t have enough time to invest in the project. For a professional to perform an in-person estimate, this will need to fit into the property owner’s schedule. Although this may be doable for some clients, others might struggle to find a time that works for both the contractor and themselves.

If the contractor’s standard business hours aren’t convenient for your schedule, then a virtual estimate may be your best bet. You can get started on the virtual estimation process at whatever time works for you, even if it’s outside the home improvement company’s business hours.

Anyone can take virtual measurements

If you’ve never gone through the virtual estimating process in the past, you might be worried that it’s confusing or complex. Fortunately, this is far from the case. It’s easy for anyone to take measurements of their home and receive a virtual estimate using just their smartphone.

By using Hover, it’s possible for anyone with a smartphone to take detailed, accurate measurements of their property. Using these measurements, it’s simple for the contractor to come up with a precise cost estimate so that the client knows exactly what to expect.

All you’ll need to do is take several images of your home before receiving a measurement summary. The process is quick, simple, and accessible.

The same high-quality service

Whether you have a Mr. Roof contractor stop by in person or opt for a virtual estimate, you don’t need to sacrifice the quality of our services. No matter which option you choose, all of our clients can expect the same friendly and efficient services, from the start of the project until the job is complete.

Why use Hover for virtual estimate services?

At Mr. Roof, we are strong proponents of Hover and the virtual services they provide. That’s why we’re always eager to share these effective and easy-to-use services with our roofing clients.

Hover provides a number of services that make the virtual estimation process easier for clients and contractors alike. Those services are:


For the estimate you receive to be as accurate as possible, the measurements you provide need to be accurate, as well. Thankfully, when you’re using Hover, there’s no need to break out the tape measure or yardstick.

Hover can provide homeowners with complete exterior measurements of their property. This includes detailed measurements of the home’s roofing, siding, surface areas, windows, and other openings. All you need to take these measurements is a smartphone camera.

Interactive 3D modeling

Using the measurements that the app has calculated, an interactive 3D model of the property can be created. This model will provide your roofer with all the knowledge they need to start planning for the job.

It’s even possible for the home improvement contractor to view the home’s fascia, flashing, and soffit. With all of these details so easily visible, it’s simple for the contractor to provide fast and transparent estimations.

Compile a property portfolio

When you are taking photos of your property, you can capture them in any order that you’d like. You’re also free to take as many photos as you want before reviewing and editing them. As the property owner, you can decide which images to submit before the final 3D model is generated.

The Hover app also comes with free photo storage, allowing property owners to document their property as they please.

Use interactive design tools

Once the 3D model of your home has been generated, you can modify the appearance of this model. You can test various colors and finishes to gain a clearer idea of how your property could look after the renovation has been completed. It’s even possible to add special accents, stone facade, and more.

Using Hover’s interactive design tools, it’s easy to know just what you’ll be paying for.

Capture single or multifamily homes

Hover can measure and help provide cost estimates for townhomes, single-family homes, multifamily residential properties, and more. Even if there are some obstructions or vegetation, Hover can be used to capture most urban and rural properties with tight lot lines.

Project estimation in seconds

It only takes seconds for the Hover app to calculate an accurate estimate for your project. This estimate accounts for variables like measurements, the complexity of the job, and custom pricing.

Are virtual estimates the way of the future?

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual estimates have become more widely used than ever. Even before the pandemic started, however, this was a service that was already on the rise. In fact, virtual client communication, in general, has been growing increasingly popular over the past few years.

So, are virtual estimates going to become the new norm for home renovation services in the future? There is still some hesitancy around virtual estimates and other virtual communication services, although this seems to be changing with time. Some clients are still more comfortable interacting with contractors face-to-face.

Even though some individuals still distrust virtual estimation, thanks to the introduction and growth of exceptional services like Hover, these sentiments are shifting. Not only that, but clients are becoming more aware of how convenient virtual estimates and consultations can actually be. Even if you live a busy life, you no longer need to neglect home repairs and renovation projects.

With more clients becoming comfortable using virtual services, this technology is becoming easier for the public to trust and rely upon. If you’re looking to build a trusting relationship with your contractor, this doesn’t need to be done in person. It’s just as easy to become comfortable with your roofer if you’re interacting virtually.

Virtual roofing estimates with Mr. Roof

If you’re looking for high-quality and efficient roofing services, you can always turn to the experts at Mr. Roof. Not only does our team perform the top roofing repairs and installations in the region, but we also make the process as convenient as we can for our clients. This is why we use Hover to take care of virtual estimates. The Hover app is simple to use – all you need is a smartphone camera to calculate measurements and an accurate cost estimate.

To schedule your own no-obligation estimate with Mr. Roof, simply fill out our digital form today.