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Insulation in Cincinnati, OH

Quality insulation is crucial for your home’s energy efficiency. It protects your home from losing energy through your walls and ceiling. The right material will provide lower energy bills all year long by keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Cutting Costs With Insulation

Adding new insulation can mean big cost reductions. Most of the energy we use goes into heating and cooling – as much as 70%. Without any other upgrades, some people have seen savings of more than 40% with proper insulation, and that’s in addition to other benefits like:

  • Reduced condensation and lower chance of mold and other water damage.
  • Lower greenhouse emissions due to less energy being consumed.
  • Less temperature fluctuation, especially between floors of the home.
  • Reduced noise from the street, barking dogs, etc.
  • Improved fire resistance with some types of insulation.

The Installation Requirements

The government has divided the country into bands, called zones. Each region is classified by its winter temperatures and has a recommended R-value for insulation. Anything below that number and you won’t be seeing proper energy savings. Choosing an R-value that’s too high, on the other hand, could cost you more than what’s necessary.

Mr. Roof has been doing home renovations since the 1960’s. We’re intimately familiar with the regulations for insulation in Cincinnati, OH. We can help you choose the perfect product for maximum savings and efficiency.

Safety is important when installing insulation, too. The material must be placed around wires and windows, so it needs to be done properly. Our experience means we know precisely how to place your insulation.

Choosing the Right Insulation

There are several types of insulation, and each has its own benefits and disadvantages. Here at Mr. Roof, we help you sort through available options and decide what works best for your home. Some of the most common options include:

  • Batts and rolls of fiberglass. These sheets are highly flexible and made to fit between standard stud spacing and joints. Installation is very fast because the sheets only need to be cut to fit or manipulate around wires and sockets.
  • Blown-in. This loose-fill insulation is made of individual fibers stuck together with adhesive. The fibers may be found in pellet or strand forms and are pushed into open spaces. This insulation works well in homes with multiple or large gaps because the fibers shift to fit the holes automatically. Blown-in insulation is very efficient while remaining fireproof.
  • Spray foam. This mixture begins in liquid form but quickly hardens and expands after it’s sprayed. Special equipment allows contractors to distribute it evenly.

At Mr. Roof Cincinnati, we’ve been committed to quality workmanship and impeccable customer service for more than 50 years. One of the reasons for our success is the quality of materials we use. Every job in every house deserves the best products on the market. That’s why we only install blown-in insulation in Cincinnati, OH.

Why You Should Insulate Before Winter

Cincinnati doesn’t see as much snow as other areas, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get cold here! The plummeting temperatures can have an opposite effect on your energy bills, driving up the costs very quickly. To see maximum benefits, your new insulation should be installed before winter hits.

For most people, the winter power bill is higher than in any other season. If you get it done before the cold sets in, you’ll be able to save the maximum amount of money, just in time for extra holiday expenses.

It’s also more difficult to install insulation in the winter. If you wait too long, contractors might not be able to help you until spring. Between bad weather and holidays, it’s harder to accomplish big projects during this season. The shorter daylight hours mean less time in which to get the work done.

Call Mr. Roof for an Insulation Company in Cincinnati, OH

When you’re having work done on your home, you want experience. Since we’ve been service customers for more than 50 years, you can rest assured knowing our long standing service prevents excellent customer care. We’ve been voted the nation’s preferred roofing company, and it’s because we offer:

  • Lifetime warranties. We’re so confident in our work that labor and materials are both covered.
  • Transferrable protection. When we say lifetime, we mean it. You can pass on the guarantee if you ever sell your home.
  • Same-Day Guarantee. Most jobs are done within 24 hours, even the biggest ones.
  • Impeccable customer service. There’s a reason why we have so many testimonials from past clients.

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