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Keeping Pets Happy and Safe Throughout the Roofing Process

If you have pets, you know that the Fourth of July is an anxiety-inducing time of the year for your furry friend. Fireworks and loud noise don’t mix well with pets, and the same holds true during roof repairs. Renovations and roofing work are hectic, with plenty of strangers rushing back and forth, making a lot of noise as they go. It can be hard trying to manage your pet’s emotions during this stressful time, so what can the concerned pet owner do to prepare?

Keeping Your Pets Calm

On a positive note, Mr. Roof has invested in the right training and equipment to get most projects done in one day! So, you only need to plan ahead for one day of construction. Animals love routine, but it can be difficult to maintain a consistent schedule during the stress of a roof project. Make sure to plan out your days so you won’t need to worry more about your pet than the upcoming home improvement. The last thing you need is yet another stressor on your mind.

Prepare a place in your home that your pet will feel comfortable, away from the noise going on outside. Even if you can’t drown out the noise completely, as long as you have a room or two where your pet can hide away, he or she will greatly appreciate the comfort and privacy. Bring in a pet bed and fill the room with toys. Even if your pet doesn’t actively play with anything, the familiar surroundings will at least be a safe refuge from the high activity level going on.

It’s helpful to try and drown out the noise as much as possible. This might mean having your pet’s safe room out of the way – such as in an outdoor office or other building. Playing soft music to drown out the sound is another option for maintaining your pet’s wellbeing.

Offer as many comfortable distractions for your pet as possible. Turning on a TV is a good idea for pets who like to sit and stare at shows. If there is something for your pet to focus on that isn’t the loud noise, you can ease some of their tension and make the process much more bearable.

Finally, it is a good idea to get your pet – especially dogs – out of the house every so often. Take a long, vigorous walk with your dog once or twice a day while your roofing work is taking place. Burning off their anxiety is a surefire way to keep your pet happy and healthy, and they are far more likely to try to sleep through the stressful time.

If you really aren’t sure you can provide a comfortable place for your pet and are worried that they will experience undue stress over a few days, it might be worthwhile to find a pet sitter or pet hotel for the duration. It might cost a little extra – unless you have a friend or relative who happily volunteers to watch your pet – but the peace of mind might be a major plus for everyone involved.