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What Kind of Damage Does Insurance Typically Cover?

Insurance companies typically provide coverage for roof damage in homeowner policies. Every insurance company is different, but most cover unpreventable damage or natural disasters. In our line of work, we have worked with hundreds of insurance companies and have found the repairs most likely to be covered. For an accurate report of what your insurance company covers, review your homeowners’ policy.

Here are some factors of repair insurance companies will consider:

Act of God

Many insurance companies refer to natural disasters or storms as an “act of God.” For southern climates, this weather can include hurricanes and hurricane force winds. In northern climates, ice and snow storms can fall into this category. Damage of this type is almost always covered for a partial or total roof replacement.

Weather Claims

Insurance companies often cover hail, wind, and ice damage. It’s important to contact insurance companies immediately after the damage has occurred. If you wait too long, water damage may occur, and the insurance company may deny the claim.


In the instance of a home fire, insurance companies will cover your claim. Often, fire damage is severe and requires extensive home and roof repairs. All damages will be repaired under the homeowner’s policy.

Leaking Roof

 Roof leaks are treated on a case-by-case basis. If the leak was caused by natural elements or weather, the leak will likely be covered. Leaks caused by neglect or buildup of debris will be the responsibility of the owner. Adjusters are trained to understand the causes of a roof leak, but it doesn’t hurt to call the company to find out if you’re eligible for coverage.

General Maintenance

Roof maintenance is the responsibility of the owner. Homeowners must frequently remove debris, check for algae, and clean the roof to ensure it’s properly maintained. Failure to perform maintenance can result in claim denials.

Age of Roof

The age of the roof is an important factor for insurance companies when determining claim amounts. Some homeowners with roofs over 20 years old have been denied roofing coverage by insurance companies. Many companies require inspections of older roofs before adding to a policy.

If you have an older roof, insurance companies may pay coverage at lower rates. Insurance companies may review the worth of your existing roof and pay damage coverage at a reduced rate. For example, if your roof is ten years old, the insurance company will pay the coverage at a depreciated value. The average life expectancy for a roof is around 20 years, so coverage will be based on that lifespan.

Reviewing Your Insurance Policy

To find out for sure what damage or repairs will be covered, contact your insurance company. The company will review your policy to find out what type of coverage your home possesses and can also tell you if you’ll be paid based on roof depreciation. If your roof is damaged or aging, call Mr. Roof for an estimate of services. We can work directly with the insurance companies, so you don’t have to.