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Leaky Roof During Heavy Rain?

leaky roof during heavy rain

Do you have a leaky roof that’s causing water damage to your ceiling and floor? When dealing with roof leaks in heavy rain, it’s important to know what to do if you notice a leak and how to prevent future leaks and damage.

How to handle a leaky roof

Roof leaks in heavy rain can cause severe damage to your home and belongings, and it’s crucial you know what to look out for when bad weather arrives. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Move your belongings out of the way
    A leaky roof is already problematic, but water damage to your valuables can make things worse. As soon as you notice a leak, move your belongings out of the way. Belongings such as furniture, your bed, and clothes can become damaged and can produce a mildew smell if left alone. Moving these out of the way will also allow you to have easier access to the leak.
  • Contain the leak
    When you’ve cleared the area, try to contain the water the best you can. Use a bucket or other large container and place it under the leak. When that fills up, dump it out and put it back under. You can also switch between two containers to make the process easier. Repeat this process until the rain stops.
  • Relieve any bulges
    If you notice a bulge hanging from your ceiling, you’ll want to poke a small hole in the bulge to release the water. Use a bucket to collect the water. This is because water is collecting in that spot, and if you leave it alone, the water can spread and cause more damage to the ceiling. It might not seem like the best idea at first, but this way, the water will flow through a small hole and prevent further damage.
  • Cover the roof
    We hope your roof leak gets repaired quickly and efficiently, but until then, you’ll need to cover the leak as best as possible. If you have a tarp and can climb to the area, cover the leak with it, but don’t weigh it down too much. This could cause another leak in the future. This solution isn’t a permanent one, but it will help get the job done until you can get a professional to fix the leak.
  • Clear out any standing water
    Pooled water can cause severe damage to your ceiling and floors, so if you notice any standing water, clear it out as soon as possible to prevent further damage.
  • Take pictures of the damage
    It is crucial that your insurance company has pictures of the damage when you file a home insurance claim. Roof leaks in heavy rain can damage your most expensive valuables, including your television and computer. By having these pictures, you might be able to have your insurance cover the cost of the roof repair and replace any damaged items.
  • Contact a professional
    Roof leaks are complicated and difficult to fix, but hiring a professional contractor can allow you to focus on other parts of your life while the roof gets fixed. Not only can a professional repair the damage, but they can also look at other parts of your roof and determine if anything else needs repairing or fixing. While it is possible to fix the leak yourself, you might not have the proper equipment. Also, it’s a safer option to allow a professional to fix the leak with the right equipment.
  • Perform regular maintenance
    Even after your roof is fixed, it’s a good idea to do regular maintenance. This will allow you to prevent future leaks. Make sure to keep an eye on any trees that are growing too close to the roof, and if any branches or limbs need to be cut back, do so. Check your gutters and downspouts regularly for any debris or leaves, as water needs to be able to flow properly. If you notice any missing or damaged shingles, have a professional replace or repair them to prevent further damage. A professional can also help you repair your chimney if it has suffered any damage.

Mr. Roof can help when there’s a leak                

Roof leaks in heavy rain can happen at any time. It’s recommended you hire a professional contractor who can answer any questions you have and repair your roof. Mr. Roof has satisfied over 400,000 customers with expert roofing services and professionalism. If you have a leaky roof and are in need of repairs or maintenance, contact Mr. Roof today for a free estimate.