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Locating Roof Leaks on Cincinnati Homes

Cincinnati homeowners are no strangers to roof leaks. Finding and stopping these leaks can be a major headache!

Water stains on the ceiling or water running down the interior walls usually indicate a roof leak. You should not put off finding and hiring a Cincinnati roof repair company. Leaks are not just an aesthetic issue. The water coming into the house can ruin insulation, rot wood framing, damage ceilings and walls, and cause mold to grow. Delayed repairs can lead to costly fixes you could have avoided.

Locating Roof Leaks

Attic access can make the process much easier. Go into the attic with a flashlight and you may find evidence of the leak. Black marks, mold, and water stains are all sure signs that your roof is leaking. If attic access isn’t an option, a walk on the roof is the other option, but at this point, we recommend calling a professional. Walking on your roof is dangerous and you could mistakenly make the issues worse.

To determine the source of a leak from the rooftop, begin by locating the approximate location of the stain and then look uphill from that point. One of the most common causes of a roof leak is something that has penetrated the roofing material. Things to examine closely include roof vents, chimneys, dormers, and plumbing. Anything that projects through the roof can be a source of a leak.

Finding Hidden Leaks

If the source of the leak isn’t obvious from a visual inspection, a long garden hose and a good friend can be excellent resources. Begin by soaking the area right above where the leak shows inside the house. Be sure to run the hose in each spot for several minutes before moving to a new spot. Take a systematic approach to soaking each area of the roof. It’s best to start downhill and work your way uphill. Cell phones or walkie-talkie can be helpful with this approach, so your friend inside the house can let you know when the water starts to drip. Again, we recommend calling a professional to do this kind of work. At Mr. Roof we do estimates for free, so we will find your leak and let you know exactly how much it will cost to repair without pressuring you into a buying decision.

Once the drip appears, the general area of the leak will be evident. That’s the part of the roof that needs closer inspection.

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes

Some homeowners take on the task of repairing their own roofs. Mistakes can be costly, so watch out for:

  • Poorly aligned shingles. Aligning shingles properly is essential to successfully repair a roof. Be sure that the shingles lay flat and carefully offset the joints.
  • Faulty base. Repairing the surface of the roof without removing the shingles and repairing the damage underneath them will provide only a temporary fix.
  • Inadequate fastening. You need to properly attach decking, shingles, and underlayment. If the fastening is inadequate, wind can cause the shingles to raise up and allow moisture to work through layers.
  • Improperly installed flashing. Flashing directs moisture away from areas where it could cause damage. It’s essential to have adequate and properly installed flashing around things that penetrate the roof. Skylights, vents, chimneys, and satellite dishes all need flashing around them, so water won’t be able to penetrate the roofing material.
  • Manufacturer’s guidelines. The maker provides these instructions to ensure that the repair job is done well and safely. Additionally, you can void a manufacturer’s warranty by ignoring their specifications.

Most homeowners prefer the peace of mind and guarantee that come from hiring a roofing professional. Mr. Roof Cincinnati offers the best customer service in the industry and the best warranties. Your free estimate is only a phone call away!