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Louisville Roof Leak Repair

You wake up one morning to find a puddle in your living room with no discernable explanation. As you’re inspecting the puddle, drops start falling on your head. The rainstorm from the night before has revealed a roof leak that has made its way into your living room. Now what? It’s time to call Mr. Roof Louisville, located in Louisville.

Mr. Roof has been an establishment in Louisville for over a generation. We are America’s largest residential roofer and the fourth largest general roofing company in the US. Our local professionals will visit your home and provide you with an estimate for roof leak repairs with no pressure.

How to Handle a Roof Leak in Your Home

The first thing to do when there is a leak in your roof is to place a bucket, trashcan, or other collection container under the dripping water. This will prevent further damage to floors and surrounding areas. Accumulated water can leave permanent water spots and damage hardwood or linoleum. Mop any existing puddles and dry the floor as soon as someone discovers the leak. Try not to go mad by the dripping sound in the bucket, it’s necessary to prevent further damage.

Call Professional Help

Roof leak repair is never a DIY project. When a roof leaks, it’s not simply a roofing issue. Structural damage can occur in the roof, shingles, ceiling, and attic. Call our Louisville roof repair experts to schedule a professional to visit your Louisville home to inspect the damage. Roof leaks need to be fixed immediately, so we will send one of our skilled professionals out as soon as possible.

Once your roofing professional arrives, they will inspect the internal and external damage to your home. An inspection of the ceiling, attic, wood, and roofing will be performed. You will then receive an estimate for repairs. We hired our personnel because of their roofing expertise, as well as also their conscience and integrity. They are guaranteed to sit down and answer all of your questions to ease any concerns you may have, while remaining upfront about the costs involved. You will never be blindsided by unforeseen costs when you work with our team; our professionals keep communication open every step of the way.

The Mr. Roof Difference

Here at Mr. Roof, our products are factory direct and our installers are factory trained, so you can feel confident you are getting quality products installed by trained professionals.

We provide a lifetime warranty on all roofing materials to include shingles, flashings, and vents.  We also provide a lifetime warranty on labor, for as long as you live in your home. If you decide to sell your home, these warranties transfer to the new home owner.

Every professional on our staff is highly trained and certified. If you have a roof leak or would like to have a preventative inspection performed on your home’s roofing, contact Mr. Roof Louisville today to schedule a personalized visit!