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Lowell, MI Roof Leak Repair Contractors

Lowell, MI Roof Leak Repair Contractors

If you need roof leak repair, put it at the top of your priority list. Roofing leaks develop for a variety of reasons, but if water is getting in your home, it can cause extensive damage fast. Mr. Roof provides roof leak repair in Lowell, MI. We deliver quality roofing for your home or business.

Roof Leak Dangers in Lowell, MI

It may seem like just a little bit of water, but a leaky roof can cause safety and health risks. What starts as a roof leak repair can work its way throughout the entire structure. Here are some of the ways roof leaks damage your home.

  • attic roof leakAttic damage. You may not notice water when it first starts getting into your attic. It can cause your roof decking to rot and ruin what’s stored in your attic. Many families store old photo albums and family memorabilia in their attics. Don’t let a roof leak ruin your precious memories.
  • Ceiling damage. If you don’t have attic space or if your leak continues, water will darken ceiling paint and damage plaster. Depending on the amount of water that gets in, damage may extend down walls.
  • Fixture damage. If you see water coming through light fixtures or ceiling fans, shut off electricity at the breaker box. Water conducts electricity, so don’t touch the fixture or the switch that controls it. You’ll need an electrician to replace your fixture once it gets to this point, so it’s best if you can arrange for roof leak repair before water has a chance to get that far into your home.
  • Mold and mildew. Mold and mildew thrive in moist environments. If your walls, ceilings, and floors stay damp, mold can spread rapidly. Mold and mildew spores travel to the HVAC system, which distributes spores throughout your home. Both fungi are hard to remove once they start to spread. They cause allergies, irritate asthma, and cause more serious health problems.
  • Structural integrity problems. Chronic leaks cause wood to deteriorate, warp, and decay. If the structure of your home stays wet, you may have to hire a professional contractor to make costly repairs.

How to Find Expert Roofing in Lowell, MI

grand-rapids-roofing-contractor-reviewsLowell receives more than 36 inches of precipitation in the average year. If you need roof leak repair, it’s best to schedule it before the rainy season kicks in. Here are some tips for when you need roofing in Lowell.

  • Talk to more than one company. Get references from friends and do research online to find out who’s the best in your area, then talk to the top candidates to make sure you’re getting the most experienced team for the best price.
  • Check credentials. Verify licensing and insurance. Call references to find out how satisfied their previous customers are.
  • Get a detailed estimate. Make sure it includes the scope of the work to be covered and warranty information. Professional roofers will be glad to explain anything you don’t understand.

Mr. Roof Grand Rapids has been providing roof leak repair in Lowell, MI, for over half a century. Click to schedule a free estimate today.