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Lower Air Conditioning Costs with New Windows

Replacing windows may seem like an expensive upgrade that you may not need until a window breaks. However, what many fail to understand is that this particular improvement can actually save a considerable amount of money in cooling costs this summer! This may be especially so for an older home or those who have single pane window products. Here’s two ways that replacement windows can cut your costs:

Adequate Insulation

One of the primary reasons that an older window may need to be replaced is due to inadequate insulation. Our windows include increased insulation through the double pane design and krypton gas between the panes, rather than the argon that many other companies may use.

Sealing the Gaps

When Mr. Roof installs your replacement windows, we don’t just put in a stock window. We custom-build each window for each home, making sure that you get the best fit. You’ll never have to worry about window gaps, or air escaping when Mr. Roof is on the job!

Making sure you stay cool when you see your energy bill this summer is important to us. That’s why we offer a money-back guarantee when we install windows! You have nothing to lose ? except the high price that comes with air conditioning. Contact us today to get started!