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Making your Multi-Family Roofing Job Easier

Multi-family roof replacements can be a headache for everyone involved. From preparing your townhome or apartment complex, to letting your tenants know what is going on, coming into a roofing project without a plan can be difficult for everyone involved.

What if we told you that you could alleviate the stress on you and your tenants by making a plan for your multi-family roofing job with a qualified roofer? By setting up a plan well before the work crews come to your site, you can set yourself up for success to begin with, and keep a high retention rate for your tenants. Here are three ways to get yourself started for success:

1: Have all your affected buildings inspected

Before you decide to replace everything, make sure that you have all of your roofs inspected. A qualified inspector can tell you what work needs to be done, what might not need to be done, and help you create a plan that works within your time limits and budget.

2: Create a work plan for your complex

You wouldn’t start any other major work in your complex without a plan. Don’t let a multi-family roofing job go by the wayside, either. By creating a work plan for all the buildings in your complex, you can prioritize the work being done, and minimize the inconvenience for tenants.

3: Alert your tenants to the plan

In this step in your multi-family roofing job, communication is critical. By letting your tenants know of the plan, they can prepare themselves for when the roofing will be done, and plan well ahead of the work. This will ultimately keep them happy with your management!

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