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Why are Nashville Roofing Reviews Important?

Nashville Roofing Reviews Important

If you search for tips on hiring a roofer, multiple experts tell you to check their reviews. You might wonder why reviews are so important. Don’t all roofing companies basically do the same job? Is there that much difference between a big roofing company and the all-purpose handyman you find on Craigslist? Reviews from previous customers can provide valuable insight into a company you’re considering. Here’s why reading reviews is so important.

online roofing reviewOnline Reviews Give a More Complete Picture

Finding a recommendation for a roofer isn’t the same as asking people about their preferred dentist or mechanic. Most people deal with roofing companies only once or twice in a lifetime. Your friends and family members might never have needed a roof replaced. If they have, it might have been years ago, and that company may no longer be in business.

Reading reviews lets you see what previous clients think about the roofing company you’re considering. You’re making an important investment, and you only have one chance to get it right.

Find Out Services

There’s more to roofing than just adding shingles. Reviews let you know what services different companies offer. Find out if the company you’re thinking about offers the following:

Discover Strengths and Weaknesses

droned-homeSome roofing companies are trustworthy and professional during every stage of the job. Others provide service that might be described as a horror story. The following reviews might be a red flag:

  • Roofers who asked for cash up front and didn’t complete the job.
  • Contractors that operate without a license.
  • Companies that don’t regularly clean up after themselves and leave a mess for the homeowner.
  • Contractors who are rude or abrupt.
  • Complaints about not being able to get the company to come back for warranty work.

Instead, look for good reviews from satisfied customers. If they recommend a roofing company, find out what they liked.

droned-house-2Choose a company that has an established business. It’s great to help new businesses get off the ground, but your roof is not the place for someone to practice an unseasoned skill. Don’t just read the most recent reviews, go back a few years to see if the company has a history of good workmanship and excellent customer service.

Find a company that is willing to furnish references upon request. Contact previous clients to find out if they stayed close to original cost estimates and worked within projected start and finish dates.

Don’t just read reviews on the company’s website. Check outside sources like Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau for unbiased reviews from previous customers.

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