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New Replacement Windows for Your Nashville, TN Home

Replacement windows can help make a home in Nashville TN quieter, more attractive, and far less drafty. But if you want to have replacement windows installed, it is important to understand the various aspects of a window such as style, material, and features before you commit to a purchase. The following information can serve as a guide to help you decide exactly what kind of replacement windows are best for your home.


While the two most popular types of material for window frames are wood and vinyl, fiberglass is a newer window material that has also been shown to have benefits.


The majority of wood frames are solid wood, and there are several hardware finishes, so you can easily find a design that pairs nicely with your home.


Vinyl frames are usually the least costly window frame option, but the downside is that there are relatively few hardware choices. In addition, most vinyl frames are white and are difficult to paint over.


As a comparatively new material, there are not many brands available. However, fiberglass needles inside the plastic make these frames stronger, and you can paint them if you choose.


Besides materials, an essential aspect of a window is the style, which determines how much air-flow and ventilation they allow, as well as how they are used and connected to your home.

Double Hung

Double-hung windows feature an under inside frame which pushes up and a top outside frame that pushes down, which promotes air flow. These windows are remarkably simple to clean because you can turn the sashes quite easily, but not all types of double-hung windows are equally good at keeping out rain and cold air.


Casement windows are entirely connected to your home on one side and come with a lever that allows you to open them gradually. When they are completely open, these windows provide great airflow and are easy to maintain and clean. They are also great for keeping cold air and rain from a room.

Single-Hung Windows

These windows appear to be similar to double-hung, but the top sash is completely unmovable and serves to deter any cold air or water from entering, whereas the lower sash is the only movable part of the window.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are completely sealed and used when lighting is more valued than any sort of ventilation.

Additional Features to Note:

Here are a few aspects to be aware of when looking for replacement windows:


Wood-framed windows nowadays are reinforced with aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl in order to ensure that the wood is safe from any environmental deterioration.

Double or Triple Glazed Windows

Double-glazed windows feature an airtight space filled with air or gas between two panes. Gas improves insulation and is the new standard for most windows. Triple-glazing features an added cover of glass, which drastically decreases the amount of noise that can filter through the window.

Low-E Coating

Low-E coating on a window is clear and increases energy efficiency by decreasing solar heat gain and preventing the transfer of the sun’s damaging UV light. The coating reflects the sun’s rays, which helps the temperature in a home remain stable during the summer months.

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