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How New Windows Protect Your Home’s Interior

Everyone knows that sun damages your skin, so it makes sense that the sun also damages your home. Although we all love the beams of sunlight coming through to light up our home, the UV rays have detrimental effects on your home’s interior. If you have ever noticed faded drapery, you have witnessed this occurrence. You don’t need to plant trees in front of your windows or limit your light with shutters. The more modern option for preventing interior sun damage is to install UV-blocking windows to your home. New, low-E windows will guarantee that you can still enjoy sunlight, while protecting your valuable interior from sun damage.

Prevention of UV Ray Sun Damage


The only way to completely avoid sun damage from windows is to keep blinds or curtains drawn all day, which might be depressing and gloomy. To decrease the UV rays entering your home but also enjoy the sunlight, replace windows with Low-E glass. Low-E stands for low-emittance, a special coating applied to glass to help invisibly reflect sun rays. The result means less UV rays penetrating windows and causing damage throughout your home.

What Part of My Home is Affected by Sun Rays?

Here is a rundown of what parts of your home the sun’s UV rays may damage.


Curtains and window treatments are often reveal the first signs of sun damage to your home interior. If you have blinds in your home, they may fade or become discolored with time. Some window treatments and drapery are expensive, so protecting their fabric and color should be a high priority.


Hardwood and linoleum flooring are both susceptible to fading caused by sunlight. The effects of sun on flooring can cause lightening or darkening, depending on the material. Many times, when damage has already been done to flooring, re-staining, or replacing the material becomes necessary.

Direct sunlight also affects carpeting. Fading, discoloring, and fibers falling apart are all part of sun damage. If you see this type of damage occurring with your carpet, now is the time to replace your windows. Only then should you replace your carpeting.


Modern workspace located near the window with plastic chair, wooden clock and black typewriter

Furniture is one of the most expensive parts of your home’s interiors. Fabric, upholstery, wood, and antiques are all easily damaged from UV rays. Furniture will lose its color and antiques can lose value.


Painted interiors and art on interior walls will also fade due to sunlight. Latex and oil paints will lose their luster, becoming dull and faded. Homes with large bay windows are most susceptible to having sunlight-damaged walls.

Low-E Window Installation

Install low-E windows, which are covered in microscopic layers of reflective material, to avoid this damage. The coating is invisible to the naked eye, but it significantly reduces the amount of UV rays penetrating your home. The film not only helps protect from UV rays, it also keeps the home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Experts have estimated that 70 percent of energy lost in a home escapes through doors and windows. Installing Low-E windows will help keep the heat in during those harsh winter months.

Low-E glass is available on all styles of the windows we offer. We can install large bay windows, casement, or sliding windows, all with Low-E glass. Adding this type of improvement to your home will ensure that your flooring, furnishings, and walls do not become damaged with sunlight.

Making the Decision

Installing low-E windows is a good choice for all homeowners. Most people enjoy sunlight coming through the windows, but no one likes the resulting damage to the interior. Adding awnings, overhangs, or trees to shade your windows will severely limit the amount of sunlight coming through. If you enjoy your sunlight and don’t want your windows covered by shade, Low-E windows are a great option.

The Mr. Roof Difference

If you have noticed interior fading on furniture, walls, flooring, or window treatments, call Mr. Roof today. Your investment in windows protecting your home from UV rays will save money in the long-term, as your furnishings and flooring will last significantly longer. Low-E windows are low-maintenance and you can clean them the same as other windows. The only difference with Low-E windows is in their ability to protect from UV rays.

Mr. Roof provides free estimates for home window replacement. We will visit your home to discuss options available for your specific home needs. Our professionals will provide recommendations that will work best for your home style, climate, and help to increase home value. Many of our customers have called us just to discuss the option of Low-E windows after noticing interior fading. We can help explain our glass, window installation process, and warranty to make you confident during the purchasing process.