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New Year, New Home

A new year means new resolutions! We set goals for ourselves to lose weight, improve ourselves, or make major life changes. While contemplating what you want out of 2018, don’t forget to include your home in that mix. Here are some ideas  to give your home a makeover this year, including ideas that could help you reach your own resolutions!


Cut the clutter. That’s this resolution in a nutshell. Easy, right? Not so fast. If it were, you’d be done with it already, right? So, take some steps to get ready to tackle this problem and get to it. If you need more storage, find creative ways to store things. If you have too much stuff, set some time and some easy goals to donate or sell. Have everyone in the family go pick five clothing items to donate or sell. Plan out how you want to tackle each room, make a schedule for each set of steps, then stick to it. And give yourself some rewards to motivate you to keep going. No, don’t go buy more stuff!

Keep It Safe

Your home looks great, but that doesn’t make it safe. Conversely, you may be fine with clutter, but the question remains the same. Check your home for noxious gases that come from minor leaks or chimney blockages. Install the right kind of smoke or gas detectors on every floor of your house and test them regularly. Clean out your dryer vent, as lint will build up in the exit pipe, decreasing the efficiency of your dryer and forming a fire risk. You can even buy certain house plants to help clear the air of chemicals. Your health should be on the top of your resolutions this year.

Cut Spending (And Footprints)

Most think of sustainable energy systems when they think of going green at home. Actually, the best thing you can do to cut your footprint is to cut spending. If you aren’t using up energy, you aren’t causing a footprint. Get new appliances, change out bulbs, turn off power strips and lights when not in use, use smart systems to manage your house’s climate, use low-flow water features (for toilets, drop a bottle of water in the tank), hang dry clothes, water lawns less, and, if you garden, compost your biodegradables. Don’t forget to recycle! Saving money on your utility bills doesn’t have to be hard. Investing in some extra insulation or new windows could save you a ton of money in the long run and decrease your carbon footprint.

Cleaning Systems

Want to keep your house presentable for entertaining? Don’t plan on whole day cleaning parties. Set up systems you can follow daily and weekly to keep your home clean. For example, you should keep the dishwasher empty, so you can always put dirty dishes in there. Put clothes where they belong, and put items you are done with away instead of leaving them for later. Weekly, you should aim to clean the entire house. Keep cleaners in a portable tote to take from room to room. Assign roles to each member of the family or assign tasks to different days. Try grouping similar tasks together to help you stay on task.

Tackle the Twitch

Something in your house makes your eye twitch uncontrollably. Blinds? Art? The kitchen cabinets? Make it a goal this year to fix that twitch so you aren’t bothered by it anymore. Set up a special account if you know it will cost money and contribute to it as you can. All it takes is a little planning and sticking to a budget.

Home Upgrades to Consider

Often the surface problems listed above draw your attention. You notice the broken blinds, or the bad art on the walls, but you might be over looking other inefficiencies such as aging or damaged insulation, clogged or cracked gutters, maybe your shingles are about to wear out, or your windows are letting in the cold air this winter. Choosing to invest in exterior home improvements will make a significant impact for your home long term. Not only will you increase curb appeal and add value, but you will also make your home more comfortable to live in. 2018 is a year for improvements, so stop hesitating and call Mr. Roof. We are your local, exterior repair and replacement experts. We want you to feel confident you are getting quality, so sign up for a free estimate there’s not pressure to make a purchase and you can find out exactly how much it will cost you!