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Preparing for Roof Installation Day

Congratulations!  You’ve made the important decision to invest in your family’s roof and the craftsmen have scheduled their work day at your home.   At Mr. Roof, we pride ourselves on our in-and-out, one-day roofing jobs that get things done quickly and easily so you and your family can get on with your week. While we know what we’re doing, it’s always helpful if you have prepared your home for our arrival.

Mr. Roof technicians don’t need access to your home on roofing day and will have already paid you a visit for a consultation so we’ll know our way around.  However, there are a few factors to consider to make things as smooth as possible.

Electrical Wiring

Wiring is dangerous and should be handled by a licensed professional.  Even so, many homes have illegal wiring running up over the shingles or along pieces of the housing structure.   Many roofers will simply mark them for avoidance and move along.  We require that you remove and adjust any illegal or dangerous wiring so that it doesn’t pose a threat to our contractors or your roofing project.   Ask your Mr. Roof consultant during the initial inspection if you have questions or are concerned about any wiring around or on your home.

Children and Pets

A roofing project turns your home into a temporary construction site that kids, neighbors, and the family dog will find curious and interesting.   We advise that you take all preparations to ensure that small humans and animals be quarantined from the construction zone so that no harm comes to them or the workers.  Miscellaneous tools and construction materials will be on site and dangerous for tiny curious fingers.   Aggressive or curious pets can also find themselves in harm’s way if not properly secured indoors or behind a sturdy gate.

Pools and Spas

While our expert roofers take every precaution to ensure no damage comes to any aspect of your home during the installation process, it’s still possible that debris or materials could find their way into pools or hot tubs and cause damage to the lining or filtering mechanism.  Cover these areas with plastic protective tarps and keep an eye on them during windy days.   We do a full property inspection after the job is done but recommend that you carry one out as well just in case.

Sprinkler Systems

If your home is equipped with an automated lawn watering system, it’s important to communicate this to your contractor.  We’d request that this feature be deactivated while our crew is on site to avoid any surprises on the job.

Debris and Noise

The job can sometimes get loud with sawdust and other debris catching the breeze and finding its way down the street.  We recommend that you inform your closest neighbors of the roofing day details so they know what to expect.   While we try to be as curteous as possible, there can sometimes be loud noises that could disturb local residents.   Simply giving them a heads up before we arrive will smooth out most disagreements between neighbors.

All in all, Mr. Roof crews are fast, efficient, and professional.  We’ve done this fifty thousand times but it’s always helpful when a customer takes the proper preparation steps before we arrive.   If you have any questions, your Mr. Roof representative can help you prepare for our arrival.