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Prevent Clogged Gutters This Fall!

If you rely on gutter clogs to know when the fall season is upon us, it’s time to rethink your home maintenance strategy. Falling leaves are inevitable, but clogged gutters aren’t. There are steps homeowners can take to prevent clogs. Take it from the gutter contractors at Mr. Roof – the following tips and tricks can effectively prevent clogs and keep your gutters flowing smoothly all season long.

Install Covered Gutters

The easiest way to prevent clogged gutters for good is to replace standard gutters with covered ones. Covered gutter systems effortlessly block out falling leaves, sticks, nests, pests, and other debris that can plug up your pipes. By preventing clogs, they eliminate the need to clean your gutters every few months. Covered gutters can also reduce pressure on your roofing system, helping to keep it dry and operating correctly. If you don’t want to replace your gutter system completely, install just the covers on your existing gutters for the same benefits.

Repair Gutter Damage

It can be difficult to tell which came first – the clog or the gutter damage. Bad clogs can dent and burst your gutters, while damaged gutters can collect more debris and cause a clog. If it’s too late for prevention, schedule repairs to fix existing damage. Mr. Roof’s technicians can inspect your gutters, detect where and why clogs are happening, and perform repairs to prevent future clogs. Prompt repairs are important if you know you have a clog. Waiting too long can cause extensive damage to your gutters, roof system, siding, and landscape.

Replace an Old Gutter System

Gutter systems that are decades old simply might not work as they should. Even uncovered gutters have the power to avoid clogs when processing typical debris like leaf litter. Clogs could be a sign that some part of your gutter system is malfunctioning, possibly from a leak or from running in the wrong direction from a poor installation. Fall is the perfect time to replace old, clogged, or overflowing gutters, before the worst of the seasonal weather.

Get Creative

If nothing else works, a proactive approach to gutter clog prevention might be right for you. A creative solution like installing gutter guards to keep debris out could solve the problem. In other cases, approaching the issue from a different angle might make sense. For example, trim back trees and branches that hang over your roofing system to reduce the number of leaves. Or a persistent problem might have nothing to do with your gutters at all, but actually trace back to your roof instead. A professional’s opinion can get to the bottom of stubborn clogs.

Schedule a Free Fall Gutter Inspection with Mr. Roof

Fall is the perfect time for gutter inspections, maintenance, repairs, and replacement. The weather in most places is generally fair and predictable in fall – unlike rainy summer or snowy winters. Gutter inspections with Mr. Roof come at no obligation to hire our contractors. We are here to help you, to answer questions, and to prepare your gutters for fall and winter with customized solutions. Take the first step toward a home improvement project that will protect your home this fall. Request an estimate!