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Pros and Cons of Vinyl Siding

When it comes time to cover the outside of your home, there are many choices including paint, stucco, and even cedar options.  But the vast majority of American homes, especially in the Louisville area, choose vinyl siding to cover their homes.   There are reasons for this.  Vinyl siding has been manufactured with relative ease since the 1960s and is now available in over 300 color options.   Let’s explore the pros and cons of vinyl siding.

Low Cost

Vinyl Siding is certainly one of the least expensive options for home siding and many homeowners turn to new siding as a quick and cost-effective upgrade for improving the value of a home.

Easy Installation

Modern vinyl siding is designed to be simple to install and easy to use.  Besides being readily available in almost any home improvement store, it’s a simple hammer and nail operation.


While paint can flake and stucco can chip over time, vinyl siding and other polymeric siding options remain durable and colorful for years and require no ongoing maintenance and very little repair.


Vinyl doesn’t chip or crack the way a paint job can but the color is still susceptible to fading after long exposure to direct sunlight.  Based on this complaint from the past, many modern vinyl siding options include sophisticated coatings to guard against this kind of damage.

Water Damage

While vinyl siding itself is waterproof and durable, the way it is installed on the side of the house creates open pockets of space between the pieces, allowing for water to slip into these areas and create the perfect environment for mold.  Drainage holes should be drilled in the bottom of horizontal siding to allow water to drain out instead of sitting against the house.

Breaks and Cracks

While an overall durable material, extreme weather and storm conditions can crack, dent, or bend the vinyl siding on your home.

With so many options to consider when siding your home, it’s usually best to call an expert like Mr. Roof who has years of experience in home modification and roof repair.