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Reduce Outdoor Noise With New Windows

If you live in a big city or another crowded area, chances are that you have endured loud traffic and noisy neighbors at some point in your life. Noise pollution can induce stress and may cause you to lose sleep, but new windows can change that. Not only will new windows increase the value of your home but they can significantly increase the comfort of your home as well. Modern windows are designed with insulation in mind, and not just for the changes in temperature. New windows can insulate your home from the noisy outdoors.

Minimize Outside Noises With Soundproof Windows

Replacing your home’s old windows with soundproof windows can help minimize noises. These new windows incorporate a variety of technologies to decrease or eliminate the amount of noise that gets into your home. Soundproof windows are an investment, but enhancing the peace and sanctity of your home does not have to be a major financial strain on you. The actual costs will vary depending on the quality of materials used in a window’s construction, so consider your options by reviewing the following three tiers of soundproof windows.

Lowest Cost Windows Are Thicker Glass

The most basic type of soundproof window is built with thicker glass and typically has a wide space between the two glass panes. The glass is about a half- to three-quarters of an inch thick to allow for more sound absorption. The one-inch width between the glass panes also enables sound waves to decrease as they shift through the window. Even though these windows won’t fully prevent noise from making it through your window they will significantly increase the noise resistance of your home. If you want new windows, but you are worried about a budget, these are great options to increase the sound resistance of your home without breaking the bank.

Mid-Range Window Glass Decreases Sound Waves Inside Home

Soundproof window replacements in the middle price range are, typically, aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl and contain glass that’s half an inch thick. The materials used to build these windows are very common, and although they will significantly increase the soundproofing of your home, they are not fully soundproofed. If you want full soundproofing you should look into the highest quality windows.

Better Materials Go Into High Cost or “Premium” Soundproof Windows

This category usually consists of windows made with thicker glass and high-quality materials. These windows have triple-paned glass up to two inches thick, giving them the ability to eradicate all noise pollution in your home.

Whatever your choice may be, reducing the amount of noise pollution that infiltrates your home can drastically increase your comfort level. In addition to preventing or diminishing noise from the outside, soundproof window replacements offer benefits that go beyond blocking noise. Window view

Soundproofing Saves on Energy Costs

Soundproof windows add an extra layer of protection, which drastically restricts the outside air from accessing your home. As a result, you won’t need to turn on the air conditioning or heater to maintain the temperature, which will decrease your energy usage and save you money on your utility bills each month.

Some Windows Reduce Condensation

Soundproof windows can help fix the difficult problem of window condensation because they have dual panes, which contain a sealed air gap between the glass panes to act as an insulated cup. This results in a decreased amount of condensation on your windows.

Convenient Installation Available

If you interested in window replacement, call Mr. Roof! We get most projects done in just one day, and we offer free estimates. An experienced technician will come out to your home to help you make the right decision for your home and budget, and when you decide, you will know exactly how much new windows will cost you.