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Replacing Your Roof in Nashville, Tennessee

When the time does come to replace your roof in Nashville, Tennessee, an experienced roofing team is your best bet for a fast, effective project from estimate to completion.

If you’re thinking about replacing your roof, now is a good time to start the process. The worst time to realize you need to replace your roof is when it shows signs of damage. To avoid damage to your house and other costly repairs, make sure to monitor your home’s roof for warning signs. When the time does come to replace your roof in Nashville, Tennessee, an experienced roofing team is your best bet for a fast, effective project from estimate to completion.

The signs to look for that indicate your roof is in trouble

  • Leaks

    Leaks are probably the most apparent signal your room is on its last legs. Visible water damage is a sure sign your roof needs urgent attention. Water intrusion can cause havoc all over any building, residential or commercial. If your home has a bulge in the ceiling or discoloration on the walls, mold, and mildew may already be starting to form.
  • Shingles curled or buckling

    Shingles can’t be uncurled. If you can see curling or buckling, they are no longer effective as a barrier to keep water out. Consider the damage to the shingles as a warning that leaks may be coming soon if left unaddressed. You may want to consider having the roof inspected to make sure water intrusion hasn’t already occurred.

    If the majority of the shingles are taking on unsightly curled or buckled stances, consider getting an estimate to have the roof replaced.
  • Shingles blowing or falling off

    Shingles that are missing are also problematic. A repair may be feasible to prevent a full replacement, but it’s also possible the missing shingles are the forbearer of worse damage underneath.
  • Blistering

    Blistering occurs when gas or moisture builds up and causes bubbling in spots. Blistering can be caught early and possibly resolved.
  • Shingles cracking

    Changing temperatures is one of the primary culprits when shingles are cracking. The expansion and contraction from heating up and cooling down eventually takes its toll on a roof as it ages.
  • Granule loss

    Shingle granules start to wear off as a roof ages. You may find them in gutters or on the ground. When the roof reaches this advanced stage in its lifecycle, a repair is no longer an option. A replacement is necessary before any further damage occurs – along with the potential damage that could come with it.
  • Roof rot or rotting shingles

    Shingles that are visibly rotting should be replaced quickly. If caught early, replacement may be suitable. Left unattended, the rot could spread across the roof.

    If the rotted shingles are taken up and rot has permeated the roof underneath, the integrity has likely been compromised. An inspection and likely a full replacement are needed at the first opportunity.
  • Light visible in the attic

    When outside light is visible coming through small attic holes, the roof probably needs to be replaced. If light is getting in, water will follow. Even if the holes aren’t deep enough to see visible light, water stains, moisture, or soft spots in the attic ceiling are symptoms that the same issue is occurring.
  • The roof is sagging

    This is another one of those telltale signs where once it’s visible, repair is no longer an option. A sagging roof with visible dips and curves needs to be replaced, regardless of the cause.

How long should my roof last?

Nashville has weather extremes that can make the lifespan of a roof tenuous to predict. Hot summers, humidity, and wet, sloppy winters give your home’s roof an awful lot to account for. Strip asphalt shingles may only make it for a decade, while a tin roof is likely reliable to hold fast for 30-45 years. Most shingles will last for 30 years tops, and you’ll want to be observant long before hitting the upper end of that potential lifespan.

Researching the material of your roof and knowing its approximate age can help you be mindful of warning signs, but you shouldn’t have a false sense of security just because a roof is relatively new. Roof replacements are expensive, but they are far worse to deal with if a leak or other issue has gone unaddressed and damage moves inside the home.

It may be time for a new roof

No roof lasts forever, even in climates far less volatile than Nashville’s. When it is time to replace your roof because of its age or premature damage, make sure licensed and experienced professionals are on the job. Mr. Roof has a track record of fast, effective roof replacements. If you have questions or are ready to have an estimate to replace your roof, contact us.