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Roof Coating for Commercial Roofing

Roof coatings are a recent addition to the roofing field. The coatings are designed to increase the lifespan of current roofs and protect from several damage types. Many commercial building owners apply the coating to improve longevity and save on energy costs.

Why Use a Roof Coating?

The biggest benefit from applying a roof coating is the increased longevity of the roof. High-quality coatings can extend the life of a commercial roof by several years. Additionally, the coating can help protect the roof’s surface from inclement weather damage and harsh UV rays. The reflective nature of the coating can also improve a building’s energy efficiency. Commercial building owners often use the coating as a preventive measure immediately after installation. The coating will act as an additional protective barrier to the roof, preventing damage. Roofs which are a few years old can also benefit from a roof coating. The coating will work to protect aging roofs from further damage.

Should I Use a Roof Coating?

Roof coatings are a good option to consider instead of a roof replacement. Before you commit to a complete roof replacement, consider the best times for coating installation.

Protecting Expensive Materials

Commercial building roofs are quite expensive and should be an investment. If your building has a high-quality roof to be protected, roof coatings are a good option. The additional layer will act as a buffer to the elements, saving you on roofing repairs and replacement costs.

Budget-Friendly Roof Repair

If your commercial building is suffering from roofing problems but you can’t afford a replacement, consider roof coatings. The coating can protect failing roof systems from further damage. Water, sun, wind, and weather can all create an extra strain on a failing roof system. The addition of a high-quality coating will protect your investment until you can afford a new roof. When you do install the new roof, be sure to use a roof coating right away.

Energy Efficiency

The cost of heating and cooling a commercial building is high. Applying a roof coating can immediately reduce energy costs for your building. The coatings will reflect a high percentage of the light and heat away from your building. The result is a better controlled internal environment, all at a lower cost.

Cons of Using a Roof Coating

Roof coatings are a great product to use in nearly any situation. The only drawback to using a roof coating product is finding the right company to apply it. Preparation for the process is important, requiring heavy cleaning and clearing. Failure to perform these tasks will cause the roof coating to fail. When choosing a company to apply the roof coating, you will need to just as picky as if the entire roof was being replaced. Only hire a company with experience in the application process.

Mr. Roof has performed hundreds of roof coating applications and knows proper installation technique. Our expert crews can visit your business to provide an evaluation and recommendation for services. We are honest in our assessments providing you with the right options for your budget and circumstances. Find us online for an estimate, or give us a call!