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Roof Leak Repair In Cleveland, Ohio

Roof Leak Repair In Cleveland, Ohio

Leaking roofs are a big deal. Water damage can affect the structural components of your house, as well as your family’s possessions. Leaking is also a pretty common issue for Ohio homeowners. If left untreated, leaks can cost you big bucks, so you’ll have to face the decision of whether to replace or simply have a roof leak repair in Cleveland, Ohio. Residents know the best way to catch leaks early is to be aware of the common causes and stay prepared.

Top ten leaking roof culprits

Many people think that roof leaks are only caused by storm damage, but they’re wrong. There are lots of other conditions that can negatively affect the strength of your roof. In fact, the top ten most common causes of a leaking roof are:

Hail damage

When these ice chunks come falling down, they can rip through all sorts of roofing materials. Any time it hails, check after for loose shingles on the ground or other signs of damage.

Flashing cracks

Flashing is very important for sealing out wind and water, especially during storms. Without these seals, different parts of your roof won’t join correctly, especially if they’re installed improperly. Old age and damage can also cause your flashing to fail and crack, leading to some potentially big leaks.

Damaged shingles

Most modern shingles will last for decades, especially if they’re installed by professionals. When they’re damaged, however, it’s very easy for wind and water to make their way into your home. Storms and animals are among the most common causes of damaged shingles. If you spot any loose on the ground, it is a definite warning sign.

Bad flashing seals

Damage can cause your flashing to fail, but a poor insulation job is much more likely to lead to problems. It’s hard to tell if your flashing was installed correctly just by looking, but our team has the expertise to identify the problem.

Split vent boots

These rubber covers offer a flexible seal around the vents in your roof. They protect your home and the vent, too. However, the rubber can dry, rot, and crack over time, leading to leaks around the vent.

Roof ice

When ice expands along the edges of a home, it can actually push portions of the roof apart. It can even tear shingles free from the house. It’s a good idea to check your home any time there’s ice.

Badly fitted skylights

Skylights offer natural beauty and wonderful brightness. If they’re not fitted correctly, though, they can also cause leaking. Never have skylights installed by people who aren’t professionals. It’s not a bad idea to have them checked by the Mr. Roof team if you suspect leaks, either.

Obstructed gutters

Gutters are meant to slough water off your roof and direct it away from the foundation of your home. When debris and leaves fill the gutters, they’re unable to do their job. The buildup can lead to big roof leaks along the edges, but more importantly, it can lead to damage under the foundation of your home.

Damaged chimneys

Chimneys are less common than before, even though fireplaces are in more homes than ever. However, most of the homes with chimneys are old, making it more likely that they’ll fail. A cracked chimney will leak within itself, but it can also cause more damage to the roof areas surrounding it.

Damaged roof tiles

Clay and wooden roof tiles can become damaged and leaky, too. They’re much less common than shingles, but just as likely to result in water infiltration when they’re damaged.

To repair or replace

At Mr. Roof Cleveland, we make the process of replacing or repairing your roof as fast and cost-efficient as possible. However, it’s still a big deal to take on that kind of project, so it’s important to make the right decision for your needs.

If your roof is already older, you probably want to replace it. Most shingle roofs of today last around 20 years, so if you’re close to that mark, you may save money in the long run by switching to a whole new roof. Our premium roofing system lasts for 50+ years and comes with a lifetime warranty. Whether you decide to replace or repair, don’t trust your home to anyone else. The best roofers in Cleveland, Ohio work for Mr. Roof, and we can’t wait to help you.