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Roof Leaking in Cleveland, Ohio? We Can Help

Roof Leaking in Cleveland, Ohio

A roof leak is a bad situation in any respect, but when it happens at the worst of times – say a few days before a major Ohio thunderstorm – you need fast and efficient roof repair. Mr. Roof is proud to offer same-day roof repairs and even one-day full roof replacements for your convenience. When you need expert, high-quality roof repairs in Cleveland, Ohio, we’re your go-to roofing company.

The dangers of a leaking roof

While a leaking roof is certainly inconvenient, it can do much more damage than delaying your dinner plans. Early detection and fast repair are crucial to saving the integrity of your home or business. Even a small roof leak can lead to big problems such mold, wood rot, destroyed insulation, and damaged ceilings. Mold can gather in the walls of your home and ceiling and pose a safety hazard to your family. Inhaling mold spores can cause throat, nose, eye, and skin irritation. Pets and children are especially at risk of illness when there’s mold in the house.

Damage to your home from a leaking roof can be severe, especially during a storm. You may have to replace rotten wood and insulation, as well as repair any furniture or flooring destroyed by water. As soon as you discover a roof leak, you need experts to visit your location and assess the situation. When precipitation invades your home, it opens the doors to a host of serious problems. Search for signs of a roof leak to catch it early, and let our roofers in Cleveland, Ohio perform repairs right away.

How to detect a roof leak

Wet ceiling from roof leak in Durham
Wet ceiling from roof leak

You may believe that you don’t have a roof leak unless you need a bucket to collect dripping water. This is a misconception that can cause you to overlook a leak until it’s too late to prevent damage. By the time water is dripping into your home from a roof leak, there’s most likely been a roof problem for months. Here’s how to check for roof leaks and detect them early:

  1. If you have an attic, check there for a roof leak directly. Turn the lights off during the day and see if you can see sunlight filtering through any holes or cracks in your roofing. Take a flashlight and check for signs of a leak such as watermarks, black stains, or mold.

  2. Check common places where leaks begin. Detecting exactly where a leak is coming from can be difficult, since water may enter your home from one location and run down into another area before seeping into the ceiling. Inspect your rubber seals, ridge cap, flashing, pipe gaskets, shingles, gutters, and dormer valleys.

  3. Try the hose test. If you’re having trouble detecting a leak, bring a garden hose up on the roof. Run water on the area you believe has a leak, and have a helper stationed inside watching for dripping. A flashlight will help detect moisture, as water will reflect the light.

  4. Call an expert. Often, the safest and most effective way to detect a roof leak with accuracy is to hire a roofing company to inspect your home. Mr. Roof will send a team of friendly and professional leak experts with special equipment to detect leaks and repair them efficiently.

If your roof is failing to protect your home or business from the elements, call roofers in Cleveland, Ohio you can trust. Mr. Roof is the roofing company of choice throughout Ohio for several reasons.

Our custom solutions to roof leaks

Since 1962, customers have come to Mr. Roof Cleveland for fast and reliable roof leak repairs. Our commitment to customer service is how we’ve acquired more than 200,000 loyal customers in the last six decades. When we receive a call about a roof leak, we can be on location the very same day. We’ll inspect your home with state-of-the-art equipment and detect even the smallest leaks. We don’t use subcontractors or middlemen to outsource our work, our trained professionals take care of each customer with a personal touch.

Once we’ve located the source of the leak, we’ll give you an up-front price for repairs and an exact timeline of when we’ll finish the job. We’ll complete the repair quickly and efficiently, using top-quality materials to make your roof look brand new. If it’s time to consider replacing your roof completely, we’ll give you a free price quote. We stand behind our roofs and roof repairs with lifetime labor and material guarantees. If you need roof repair in Cleveland, Ohio, get in touch with us today. We happily offer 24/7 emergency repairs.