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Roof Replacement in Westland, MI

Roof replacement in Westland, Michigan is a fabulous investment for your home. Yes, it’s a big decision, but it brings a whole host of benefits along with it. When you’re replacing your roof, you’ll enjoy advantages like:

  • Better value for your home. Potential buyers will pay more for a home with a new roof because replacing it is an intimidating prospect for many of them. If you do the work first, you’ll see a big return.
  • More curb appeal. Did you know that your roof accounts for approximately 40% of your curb appeal? Roof replacement in Westland, MI, could help you stand out in your neighborhood or on the market.
  • Lower energy bills. It’s very likely that your old roof is allowing too much heat transfer, especially if it’s poorly insulated. If this is the case, your HVAC system will have to work much harder to compensate. If you change your roof, you can see big savings every month.
  • Better health. Lower quality and older roofs can hold moisture and cause mold or mildew. A new one will not ? and so keeps your family safer.
  • Personalization. If you’re installing a new roof, it’s a fantastic time to add skylights. They add a lot of value and character, plus they brighten your rooms considerably. If you’re looking for a simpler way to customize, try unique shingle or metal color options.
  • Peace of mind. New roofs are less likely to see blow off or other weather damage. You can spend more time relaxing every time it rains.

Although these are the most common benefits of a new roof, there are plenty more. Changing up your roof is a worthwhile decision.

The Mr. Roof Promise

When it comes to quality, Mr. Roof delivers. We started back in 1962, when customer service was more important than making a dollar. To this day, we put people over pennies in every job we perform. The roof is an all-important element of your home, and you shouldn’t trust just any contractor with repairs. Subpar repairs can lead to problems such as missing shingles, leaks, and property damage. Mr. Roof has become one of the most respected companies in the country because of our unflagging commitment to quality.

Mr. Roof started as a small, family-owned company that prized customer satisfaction above anything else. The company quickly gained popularity throughout Michigan and beyond, blossoming into a large, full-service contractor. Despite our much larger size and reach, we still operate with the same dedication to expectation fulfillment. Today, our roofers have helped more than 250,000 customers and counting.

When you partner with Mr. Roof, you have access to our promise of lifetime warranties on both materials and labor. Our warranties have no fine print or hidden exceptions, what you see is what you get. We fully believe in the quality of our craftsmanship and are more than happy to back it up with warranties for life. Our warranties are transferrable, so you can pass it on to the next homeowner to enjoy if you decide to sell your house. This perk makes your home more attractive to potential buyers. Our 100% accountability gives you peace of mind that you chose the best roofers in Westland, MI.

Trusting Mr. Roof

Top Rated Roofers in MichiganWhichever type you decide to purchase, it’s crucial to have a professional installation. Mr. Roof has been serving families since the 1960s, so we have plenty of experience replacing roofs. We also provide lifetime warranties for our material and labor. They can even be transferred if you sell your home. We also offer:

  • Free estimates.
  • Financing options.
  • Same-Day Guarantee for most projects.
  • Impeccable customer service.
  • And more.

You shouldn’t trust just any roofers in Westland, Michigan. Only professionals can guarantee the quality you deserve. The proof that we’re capable is in our awards, gallery, and testimonials. To talk about a roof replacement or other home improvement project, call us at 1-800-4MR-ROOF or schedule your free estimate online.