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8 Great Remodeling Ideas for 2018

Each year, homeowners make plans to remodel their homes. Maybe they want a new master bath or are finally installing the kitchen they’ve always wanted. Get inspired by the new trends for 2018! If you’re looking to remodel part of your home, check out this list for some of 2018’s hottest remodeling ideas, including creating small, private spaces, adding livable space, or just giving your kitchen a touch-up.

1. Small Private Spaces

This year, you can expect to see a push for micro-zones, small comfortable spaces created by decoration or simple remodeling that makes space for private activities. You might find a reading nook offset in a corner from the main seating area in a living room or a small office tucked away in a hallway corner. The idea is to take what space you have and put only what you need in it to give you the place you can go to escape or work.

2. 3D Wall Designs

Nothing stands out quite like unique wall features. In 2018, expect to see this taken to a whole new level. You can create a 3D space on your entire wall using textures, layers, or optical illusions.

3. New Livable Space

Families are moving in together, meaning you could have multiple units or generations living in the same home. All that shared space might get cramped. To match this trend, expect to see an influx of unique livable spaces installed to give these kinds of living arrangements the privacy they need. This could include creating a new master suite, turning a basement into an apartment, putting in new entrances, or expanding existing doors and halls to accommodate wheelchairs.

4. Wood Tones

This year’s color trends are leaning toward brown and green and making use of small color accent pieces to break up large swathes of mono-color schemes. Expect to see a lot of dark woods and cork, with a few bright lights to feature the natural elements in the wood. If it feels like the 1970s again, there’s a reason.

5. Budget Remodels

Another trend you will see continuing in 2018 is home remodels on a budget. This can be as simple as adding new paint to a room, wall stenciling in metallic tones or abstract art added to a wall to create eye-catching features. Other ideas include bringing the outside in with planters and succulent plants or updating a guest bath with new sconces or ambient lighting.

6. Openness

The venerable open floor plan will remain strong in 2018 because it’s always in vogue. Done correctly, everyone loves an open plan. It keeps the family together, encourages social interaction, and makes even small spaces look large. Expect to see this trend of being open to run into the kitchen with open shelving, allowing you to display that excellent dinnerware set and solve many of your storage issues.

7. Barn Doors

A new trend you will see this year is people installing barn or sliding doors. These increase a home’s accessibility for those with wheelchair-bound residents and tuck doors away out of eyesight. They also add a touch of rustic chic to your space and go well with 2018’s wood trends.

8. Exterior Repairs

Some of the smartest home improvement projects you can invest in are exterior projects. Modern windows and new insulation can greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home and save you money on your utility bills. You can add curb appeal with new siding, or make your life a little bit easier with modern gutters complete with gutter guards. Budget for exterior repairs this year and increase the value of your home. Call Mr. Roof today for a free estimate and find out just how much it will cost you.