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Why You Shouldn’t Choose DIY Window Installation

Windows are one of the most important and energy efficient products in your home. Most companies and do-it-yourselfers recommend leaving this project to the professionals. When a professional window installer performs the work, the result will be guaranteed. If you encounter problems with the windows, you won’t be left thousands of dollars in the hole due to rookie mistakes.

The Window Installation Process

Installing new windows is a complex process. Most windows are custom made by manufacturers, so obtaining an accurate measurement for replacements can be difficult. The process is made even more complicated when the entire window frame is being replaced. Once the correct window size has been found, old windows will need to be removed. As the new windows are installed, house settling will need to be considered. The window will then be sealed to prevent leaks, drafts, and cracks. Sound like a difficult process? It is.

Poor Window Installation Can Reduce Energy Efficiency

Installing your own windows can lead to energy loss. During the installation process, professional contractors will work to guarantee seals are tight and won’t let air escape. Novice window installers often leave small gaps or incomplete seals around windows. This means that in the summer, cold air will be seeping out. During the winter, warm air will be lost through the seal. Hiring a professional to complete the work will guarantee your window is properly sealed against the elements.

Most homeowners choosing to replace windows will purchase energy efficient windows. These windows are double paned and hold gasses between the panes. The gas will help insulate the home against outside elements, improving overall energy efficiency. If you are investing in window replacement it is important that you choose high-quality, highly efficient window replacements. Not only will they lower your energy bills, but they will have a much longer lifespan, so you won’t have to replace them again anytime soon.

Aesthetic Quality Suffers

Professional window installers not only know how to properly seal windows, they can also make the windows attractive when finished. Creating a seal around a window that is effective and aesthetically pleasing is an art form. Some DIYers are great at home improvement projects, but windows are one of the more difficult projects.

Security Concerns

Windows play a major role in the safety of our homes. Professional window installers often add extra glazes to windows to increase impact resistance. The glaze can make windows harder for would-be intruders to break. Window installers can also install hardware on the frame to make the window more difficult to open from the outside.

Climate Concerns

When DIYers go shopping for new windows, it’s not only difficult to find the right size but also difficult to find the correct window. If you choose to replace your own windows, you’re using your best judgment to find windows for your climate. Professional window installation companies perform this work daily and have knowledge about the best windows for the climate. Professionals also have the luxury of knowing which products have failed customers and are no longer used. If you live in an extremely cold or hot climate, these issues are important to your home’s comfort.

Time and Effort

Installing new windows is a time-consuming process, especially when it’s not something you do every day. Replacing windows throughout your home may take many days. Professionals perform window replacements daily and know how to install them quickly without comprising their integrity. Many homeowners choose to hire professional installers simply to save time and leave weekends open for other home improvement projects.

Future Needs

Many window installations come with warranties for products and labor. If something goes wrong with the windows, you’ll have someone to call for repairs. DIYers completing the work on their own won’t have anyone to turn to but themselves. When professional installers replace windows, they will take care of any problems encountered in the future. If you’re looking to sell your home soon, you should always hire a professional. Replacing the windows on your own can cause an issue with the windows which will be discovered by home inspectors. When you’re selling your home, you don’t want to worry about the quality of installation.

Mr. Roof Window Installation

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