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The Most Popular Home Improvement Projects in Nashville

Spring has officially hit Nashville, which also means it’s the unofficial start of home improvement season. There is something about warmer weather and longer days that make us want to bring out our tools and start a do it yourself project. After a long winter or a bout of inclement weather, these improvements are essential. Take a look at these popular home improvement projects in Nashville, and try one for yourself.

Spring Cleanup

Here’s a practical consideration: Take some time cleaning up your home’s exterior after a long winter. Get started with this checklist:

  • Cleaning your gutters. Over the fall and winter, leaves and other debris have likely built up in your gutter system. Keeping these clean is essential to keeping your roof, foundation, and other landscaping free of moisture and other damage, especially with all the spring rain.Spring Flowers
  • Clean your exterior windows. Next, inspect all your windows and clean off any grime. This is the perfect time to see if they need re-caulking, new weather stripping, or are in need of replacement. If you notice condensation between your windowpanes, it’s a warning sign that they’re not properly insulated, and may be affecting your home’s energy efficiency.
  •  Porch cleanup. Sweep your porch and wash the floors until they’re sparkling clean, making the perfect backdrop for a new porch swing or a new set of furniture. Do the same for your patio and see if it could use a good power wash as long as your decking material allows.
  • Power-wash your home’s exterior. Over time, our siding can accumulate mold, mildew, and other kinds of grime. Rent a power washer and give your home’s exterior a good scrub down. Be aware that some kinds of siding require different pressure settings than others. If you’re unsure, talk to a home improvement professional.
  • Do a roof inspection. With a pair of binoculars, assess your roof for signs of damage. You need to replace cracked or missing shingles promptly.

Prepare for Spring Landscapingsprinkler

Many of us in the Nashville area are already beginning to see budding flowers and shrubs. This is the perfect time to tend to your own landscaping, so your yard will be lush in no time:

  • Pull and kill weeds. Spray weed killer on those pesky plants that grow in sidewalk cracks, and take steps to prep your flowerbeds so they’re not infested with annoying invasive species by June.
  • Plant a garden. This is the perfect time of year to till soil and prep your yard for a garden. You may also choose to plant things like strawberries, so they’ll be ready for harvest by the beginning of summer.
  • Try a flower box or flowering shrub. These are simple and relatively low maintenance ways to improve your curb appeal. If you don’t think you can commit to watering flowers each day, try a low-maintenance plan like a succulent or hanging fern.
  • Check your sprinkler systems. Take a few moments to check your water systems, such as those for your sprinkler or hose. Attend to clogs or leaks to prevent damage to your plumbing.

Improve a Room or Twopainting a room

Now that the outside of your home is ready for summer, make sure the inside matches. Go beyond the spring cleaning basics and really make the inside of your home shine.

  • A fresh coat of paint in a room can go a long way. Try a soothing blue in your bedroom, or a gray in your living room for a nice, new neutral. Rearrange your artwork after painting for a totally new look.
  • Make simple updates throughout your home to make it appear more modern ? for example, swap out a light fixture, bathroom or kitchen hardware, or window treatments to bring a breath of fresh air into your space.
  • Give a fresh coat of paint to old furniture for an entirely new look. DIY and potted flowers“up-cycling” has really taken off in recent years, and there are lots of tools on the market to make the process easier. Try reinventing your furniture with chalk paint, which promises to go on smooth and provide a long-lasting finish ? no priming or sanding required.

Take It Slow

It’s not possible to tackle all these projects in a day and do a good job. We recommend making a checklist of a couple items to tackle each day or weekend, enlisting the help of family and friends as necessary. For big jobs like roof repair, window replacements, and more call in the professionals. Mr. Roof is dedicated to providing premium quality materials installed by factory trained employees. Get the most out of you home this year by getting an upgrade. Mr. Roof Nashville gets most jobs done in just one day, so you can get back to your normal routine fast. Your next step? Fire up the grill and enjoy your newly improved home!