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The Best Time to Install a New Roof is Now

People often ask when the best time to install a roof is. Well, if you ask me, the best time is right now. You can put off the problem for a long time and tell yourself that it’s better to wait. But when it comes to roofing, there is really no time like the present. We’re now entering summer, and that means scheduling a roof replacement or repair is less likely to be halted by adverse weather conditions. If you don’t start doing it now, then your current roof damage could go from repair to replacement.04-17-09_1531

As long as you are prepared for the work and know what kind of roof you want installed, there’s no reason to wait. It’s a pretty big job, so it’s not one that you want hanging over your head, no pun intended. If your old roof is in particularly bad condition, the need is even greater. The longer you have a damaged roof in place, the more problems it will cause for you. So, here’s what you should do to get that roof installed as quickly as possible.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead! It is the first and most important step to getting your roof repaired or replaced. We’ve already mentioned that summer is the best time to get the job done not only because of the nice weather, but because of all the damage winter storms and spring showers may have caused. The first step in this process is to do your research and find the right roofing company for you. Here at Mr. Roof we are dedicated to giving you the highest quality backed by a lifetime warranty, but we may not be right for everyone. If you are going to search online make sure you are reading previous customer reviews, and make sure you are aware of exactly what that company is offering.  After you have picked a company just give them a call and schedule an estimate. Many roofing companies offer free estimates, I know we do.Shingles

All that’s left is to get the work done. Construction on your home can be inconvenient and noisy. At Mr. Roof we have invested in top notch roofing materials and equipment so we can get most jobs done in less than a day to minimize that inconvenience. You’ll want to make plans for what you will do while the work is being done. It’s not always a good idea to stay in the home if a full installation is being done. Making those kinds of practical arrangements is something that should definitely be done in advance.

Check the Weather Reports

The weather is also very important when you are installing a new roof. It’s never a good idea to start the work when the rain is pouring, for obvious reasons. That’s why I’d recommend starting the work around this time of year when the bad weather is behind us and summer is ahead of us. But, as we all know, just because it’s summer, that doesn’t guarantee good weather.

You can work together with the roofers to make sure that you plan the work on a day when the weather is good. A mild, calm and dry day is the best for doing this kind of work. High temperatures won’t cause you any real problems. But the last thing you want is rain getting the materials wet and making the whole process more problematic.

Getting Supplies and Materials

The purchasing of materials is something else that should be on your mind when you’re deciding to install a new roof. You can’t get the work done unless you have the right materials at hand. At Mr. Roof we work with vendors to have shingles manufactured to our specifications  to make sure that the quality is meeting our high standards. This makes it easy to offer our lifetime warranty on our products and services.

Get Help

It’s important to make sure that you get the right help when you’re doing a big job like this. Your roof is one of the most important parts of your entire home. It protects everything that’s underneath it. So, skimping and not doing the job properly can have disastrous consequences. If the job isn’t done properly, it just means that you will have to spend more money on it later on.

Our company can offer you the professional experience that you need to get your new roof installed the right way. It’s better to take advantage of this help than to go it alone and risk doing the job in an unsafe and incorrect way.

Mr. Roof can help you with all of you Roofing, Gutters, Masonry, Insulation, and Siding work you can contact us here and remember don’t delay!